Chairs that Pair Well with Farm Tables

Chairs that Pair Well with Farm Tables
By Larah Winn
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Chairs that Pair Well with Farm Tables

If you’re in the event industry you already know that rustic, natural themed events and venues aren’t going anywhere.

That being said, over the past few years EventStable has made an effort to add quality wood farm tables (like our Reclaimed Elm Wood Farm Table, our 8' x 40'' Solid Pine Folding Farm Table and our Parson’s Inspired Farm Table) to our wholesale inventory. 

It is easy to see why venues and party rental companies alike have added farm tables to their own inventory.

Made for family-style seating and easily dressed up or down for a more natural look, they are a popular choice for weddings, restaurants and breweries going for that casual, laid-back feeling. 

So you’ve kept up with the trends and added farm tables to your arsenal but what chairs pair well with your new farm tables?

We’ve got a few popular stacking chair suggestions that are sure to be the perfect match.

Cross Back Chairs

If you want to pair a rustic chair with a rustic farm table, there’s no better choice than cross back chairs.

Not only do they hit the natural wood mark, their wide seats make sitting family-style at a farm table extremely comfortable. Beyond their rich wood grain appearance, cross back chairs are stackable for practical storage. 

Our Madison Cross Back Chair - Mark II is constructed from rubber wood and is available in Pecan, Fruitwood, and Antique Fruitwood and would pair beautifully with our Solid Pine Folding Farm Table. 

The Vineyard Estate Cross Back Chair - Mark II is constructed from the tough and dependable ash wood.

Choose from Natural, Medium Natural, Antique Natural, Dark Natural, and Antique Driftwood.

With their visible wood graining, our Vineyard Estate cross back chairs pair well with our Reclaimed Elm Wood Farm Table seen here by customer Violet Cactus Venue:

Chiavari Chairs

Most known for instantly dressing up any room or table, the Chiavari chair also works well with farm tables.

Have you heard of the term rustic elegance? That’s what you get when you pair these classic chairs with a farmhouse table. 

From gold, to fruitwood, to white, we’ve seen almost all Chiavari chair colors paired with farm tables.

Wood Chiavari chairs seem like the obvious choice, but resin or aluminum Chiavari chairs would pair equally as well.

Check out customer Pinerock Farm and their use of our Gold Chiavari Chairs paired with their farm tables:

Industrial Metal Stacking Chairs

There’s no better way to combine modern with rustic, then to pair metal stacking chairs with farm tables.

At first glance, metal stacking chairs may seem like they take away any inviting feeling from an event or venue, but just as opposites attract, the farm table adds all the warmth you need.

We’ve seen the metal stacking chair/farmhouse table combination used at industrial venues and modern brewery / restaurant settings.

Customer Collected rentals shows just how well this pairing really is:

These are just a few great chairs that pair well with farm tables. Some other EventStable favorites are bentwood chairs, stacking ghost chairs, wood folding chairs and resin folding chairs to name a few!

If you need guidance in choosing the perfect chair and/or farm table, we’re here to help!

Author: Larah Winn

Larah is the creative and marketing specialist here at EventStable. She lives in the old axe factory town of Collinsville, Connecticut with her husband and dog Baya. In her free time you can find her helping her husband restore their 1860's cottage.

May 3, 2020