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How To Find The Best Wholesale Folding Chairs For Sale

Having enough seating is potentially the single most important aspect of pulling off a successful event. If you’re not able to seat your guests — whether you specialize in beachside summer weddings or cater to the tech-driven conference crowd — that’s one of the biggest problems you can face.
September 6, 2019

How To Market Your Party Rental Company

Do a quick Google search of “party rental companies”. Go on, we’ll wait.There’s probably a lot of them, right?The sheer number of party rental companies can make it incredibly difficult to stand out from the crowd. Plus, with seasonal spikes in rentals (followed by the inevitable dips) and the year-round cost of storing your folding chairs, banquet tables and other rented good, it’s crucial to set yourself apart.But with so much competition, how can you position yourself as the premier supplier of folding tables and chairs?Glad you asked.
September 3, 2019