Wood Folding Chairs

Wooden folding chairs are a classic choice for special event seating because of their appearance and versatility. They are easy to care for with a removeable, padded, vinyl seat, and the wood folding chairs for sale here at EventStable are high-quality, highly-rated chairs  ...Read More

at a fantastic delivered value. Offer these chairs to your clients for anything from outdoor weddings to concerts to backyard parties, or even use these chairs indoors. They will quickly become some of the most popular, and profitable chairs in your inventory. 

Wooden Folding Chairs for Sale

The traditional padded-seat style wooden folding chairs have been used in the event industry for eons. EventStable has improved on the style by using a higher thickness frame and bolt-through assembly at the hinge. 

These chairs are available as a standalone item (featuring quantity discounts for those purchasing in bulk) or as part of a bundled package. 

Bundle packages from EventStable are pre-discounted and include straps and dollies for turnkey seating. 

Looking for something new? Have a look at our French Bistro Slatted chairs, featuring hardwood slats and a metal frame. These chairs are light on footprint and big on European style. 


Free Shipping Deals & Wholesale Discounts on Wood Folding Chairs

Get free shipping on most orders from when you buy resin folding chairs in bulk. Look for the free shipping deals marker for any qualifying product.

50 or more wood folding chairs ship free (most chairs)

Or, combine with other eligible products on orders over $5000 and qualify for free shipping. 

Want to save even more? We have quantity discounts available for large purchases.

Just check out available discounts on each product page, or easily submit a quote request for the best pricing. 

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Wooden Folding Chairs At EventStable

If you're looking for the best variety of Wood folding chairs for sale at wholesale prices then you've come to the right place. Before EventStable, we had our own party rental company so we have first hand experience in picking the best wooden folding chairs to ensure they are all commercial-grade quality and will hold up to rigorous event use.

From our flagship Wood Folding Chair featuring a multitude of attractive colors to our popular French Bistro Folding Chair fit for your cafe, bistro or home garden, we have a variety of durable seating options for just about any setting. 

All of these chairs easily fold up and stack to save space, are easy to transport and easy to setup. Padded wedding chairs are also perfect for concerts, graduations or any other event you need an elegant look with the warmth of real wood.

Whenever you see a bunch of wood folding chairs set up, you know it's going to be a good day.  Whether they're surrounding tables or all set up in rows, something good is happening.  A wedding.  A 50th anniversary party.  An outdoor concert.  Even a celebration of life.

Whatever it is, someone is getting family and friends together, and they've chosen wooden folding chairs for them to take a seat.  Our hope?  That once you've decided to add wooden folding chairs to your rental inventory or your venue seating options, that those chairs will be from EventStable.com.

Wood Folding Chairs or Resin?

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, a rental operator or venue owner has a tough decision to make between resin and wood folding chairs.  They look similar (especially white or black), and have all the same specs.

 So how do you choose?  First, consult our Ultimate Folding Chairs Buyer's Guide for a list of benefits of either one.  

Then, think about your client's expectation.  What is best for your client or wedding party, will be the best choice for you.

With a Wood Folding Chair, you're getting a timeless, traditional seating option that has an inherent warmth fit for a fancy formal event or a laid back, casual retirement party. 

Even though Resin Folding Chairs may look nearly identical to the untrained eye, they do have a durable and somewhat more industrial profile and feel that might display well in a barn or farmhouse venue 

The Right Color for The Occasion

Once you've decided on wood folding chairs, you then have to pick your color.  Sometimes it's pretty easy - go with white if you've booked a lot of weddings, or black for nighttime concerts.  

Maybe fruitwood folding chairs will match your decor, or you love the way natural wood folding chairs compliment your garden venue. One tip, natural chairs are easy to maintain over time, since they're just topcoated with polyurethane. 

If those don't interest you, we also offer Dark Fruitwood and Mahogany Wood Folding Chairs that may compliment your venue depending on the aesthetic you're going for. 

Don't want a padded folding chair altogether? Our new Antique Black Wood Slatted Folding Chair has the same professional-grade quality with a unique design and comfortable, contoured seat that makes you forget about any need for cushion. 

Wood Folding Chair Accessories

Don't forget the accessories, which will make your life (or your staff's life) easier with event setups and teardowns, as well as reduce wear and tear on your investment.

Consider adding individual protective chair bags (1 per chair) to your order to protect your folding chairs when stacked, and remember that the right cart will make transporting the chairs from storage to site faster and easier.  

We offer a variety of folding chair dollies and carts that are practical and economical solutions to your transportation and storage needs.

We also know accidents happen and how crucial a quick fix is in the event industry. No need to buy a whole new chair if you have a tear in one of your cushions when you can just pop it out of the seat and replace it it with one of our Replacement Cushions, available in white, ivory and black. 

Buy Wood Folding Chairs in Bulk

If you've decided on Wood Folding Chairs for your party rental company or venue and 10 chairs here or there won't do, we offer quantity discounts starting at 100+ and free shipping when you buy 50 or more chairs. 

]But if you really want to save, our Wood Folding Chair Bundles are the way to go and get the best bang for your buck. 

A customer favorite is our 100 Wood Folding Chairs with 4 Dollies and 4 Ratchet Strap bundle. Always in stock and always shipping free!