How To Buy Portable Dance Floors from

We make it easy by selling the complete floor - all the pieces you need to make that size, plus the flexibility to make smaller sizes to tailor your floor to your events. Just decide on the type of floor, choose the panel sizes, and select your complete floor size.

Step 1. Select the Dance Floor Finish

The first thing to keep in mind about selecting your dance floor finish is where it will be used. Do you want a real wood floor that is used indoors only? Check out the Windsor Oak Portable Dance Floor.
The rest of the floors can be used indoors and outdoors. Want the updated look of hard wood flooring but on an easy to maintain floor? Take a look at our New England Plank Laminate Portable Dance Floor
Things to consider...
Sunlight: When the floor is set up outside, will it be in direct sunlight? Or underneath a tent? We recommend that all vinyl portable dance floors be protected from direct sunlight. If you know your guests will be outside dancing under the stars, go with a laminate dance floor.
Sheen: How shiny do you want the polish of your floor? A laminate dance floor will give you a medium, satin sheen when waxed. If you want a high-gloss sheen, go for a vinyl or natural wood dance floor.
Use this quick chart for the bullet points of each floor we offer.
FloorIndoor/Outdoor?Waxed Shine?Install in Sunlight
Windsor OakIndoor onlyHigh glossNo
Wood Grain VinylyesHigh glossNo
Rustic CedaryesHigh glossNo
White VinylyesHigh glossNo
Black VinylyesHigh glossNo
Black & White CheckeredyesHigh glossNo
New England PlankyesSatin SheenYes
White LaminateyesSatin SheenYes
Black LaminateyesSatin SheenYes
VersayesNo waxNo

Step 2. Decide what size panels you want to use to make your complete floor

Each of our dance floors comes in 3'x3', 3'x4' or 4'x4' panels. Decide which you'll use with the help of this chart:
3'x3' SectionsLightest weight panels, More complete floor size optionsMost expensive complete floor
3'x4' SectionsLighter weight panels, many complete floor size optionsLess expensive than 3x3 sections, keep versatility in complete floor size
4'x4' SectionsLeast expensive complete floor, Fastest Set Up timeHeavier panels, fewer complete floor size options

Step 3. Select your complete floor size with the drop down

Now all you have to do is select your complete floor size. Everything you need is included: the sections to make your complete floor, the borders for that size floor - even the tools to lock everything together.

Need help deciding on a complete dance floor size? Generally, figure on a little less than half the guests on the dance floor at once. Then, each person needs about 4.5 sq. ft. of space on the floor. Here's a quick chart for reference:
Total Guest CountGuests DancingSquare Feet NeededSample Sizes
5025112.59'x12', 12'x12'
1005022515'x15', 16'x16'
15075337.518'x18', 18'x20'
20010045020'x20', 21'x21'
30015067527'x27', 24'x28'
350175787.527'x30', 28'x28'
40020090030'x30', 28'x32'

Now you should be armed with the information you need to buy the best portable dance floors for your events.
  • Windsor OakWindsor Oak
    An Indoor-only dance floor made with real wood in a classic oak parquet pattern. Cost effective and beautiful.
  • Wood Grain VinylWood Grain Vinyl
    A wood grain dance floor that can be used outdoors and indoors. Perfect for party rental use.
  • White VinylWhite Vinyl
    Indoor/Outdoor dance floor for stunning events. 12" tiles on a sturdy, commercial base.
  • Black VinylBlack Vinyl
    Indoor/Outdoor Dance floor for a slick all-black complete floor.
  • Black & White Checkered Black & White Checkered
    Indoor/Outdoor dance floor with the classic checkered pattern in 12"x12" black and white tiles.
  • New England Plank LaminateNew England Plank Laminate
    Beautiful wood-grain dance floor in scratch-resistant laminate that can be used indoors and outdoors, even in sand.
  • White LaminateWhite Laminate
    Indoor/Outdoor floor with highly scratch resistant laminate surface. Best choice for outdoor use out in the sun.
  • Black LaminateBlack Laminate
    Durable indoor/outdoor floor in brilliant black, easy to maintain laminate for all surfaces.
  • VersaVersa
    Personalize your floor with interchangeable inserts for a full customization on your dance floor.
  • Snap Together Portable Dance FloorsSnap Together Portable Dance Floors
    A less expensive alternative to plywood base dance floors. Easy snap-together installation requires no tools. Can be used indoors/outdoors.