How to clean wooden folding tables

How to clean wooden folding tables
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How to clean wooden folding tables

Cleaning wooden folding tables is actually a fairly easy endeavor -- which is good news for venues and party rental companies.

It’s important to always wipe down wooden folding tables after each event (at the very least) to help maintain their high quality and protect your investment, but there is a little more to it than that. From a simple water rinse to more intense cleaning solutions, here are some ways to best protect your wood folding tables to maximize ROI and ensure that you get plenty of years of use out of your inventory.


Preventing spills is always the best way to go during events, and one of the best ways to protect your wood tabletops is by covering them with a polyester tablecloth. Not only does it instantly elevate the look of your tables, it helps minimize potentially permanent stains from things like wine, coffee, or even dirt from events that take place outside.

Of course, no amount of prevention can guarantee your tables won’t get spilled on or nicked. Still, it’s good to practice these rules-of-thumb to give your tables the best shot before, during, and after a party.

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Store Properly

By adhering to proper storage techniques, party rental companies and venues can reduce the risk of scuffing or chipping their wooden folding tables. Make sure that your storage space is big enough to able to comfortably fit your stock of wood furniture so they aren’t jammed together, leaning against potentially damaging surfaces, or in a high traffic area where they could get kicked or tripped over.


Transport Safely

When stacking your wooden folding tables together to move from one place to another -- perhaps from a ballroom to a storage facility -- make sure that you don’t overstack the banquet tables or you’ll run the risk of them crashing down. You don’t want to break your tables, but you certainly don’t want to hurt anyone standing nearby either!

The best transportation advice that industry experts will give you is to utilize a folding table cart. This will streamline your setup and breakdown for events as well as keep you from potentially dangerous transportation techniques that could result in damage to your tables or personnel. Safety first, safety always.


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Cleaning Products

Of course, despite your best efforts and care, at some point you’re going to need to give your wooden folding tables a good cleaning. Event Stable’s wood tabletops are constructed of ¾” plywood with vinyl edging and are treated with a commercial-grade finish, making them a great choice for both indoor and outdoor use. This also makes them easier to clean than untreated, cheap wooden folding tables, which soak in more liquids and stains, making them harder to remove once they’ve set in.

For minor issues like spilled water or dust, most of the time you’ll be fine simply using a clean rag with warm water and soap. However, any time that you use water to clean off your wooden folding tables, it’s essential to dry it thoroughly to avoid developing rust on the metal legs. You can also opt for a generic cleaning spray that’s approved for use on wood with a polishing rag.

For harder-to-remove stains like rubber scuffs or dark beverages that have soaked into the tabletop, you might need a little elbow grease and some stronger solvents to remove the stain. Most industry experts swear by Magic Erasers for tough stains, and they’re available to order online. You can also try a Simple Green spray with a sponge (not Brillo pad) for medium-strength stains.


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Do you have any questions about how to care for your wooden folding tables or any other rental furniture? Give us a call at 866-360-4642 today -- there’s no one more knowledgeable than the experienced and party-tested folks here at Event Stable!


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