How Many People Can You Fit Around A Banquet Table?

How Many People Can You Fit Around A Banquet Table?
September 3, 2019 7003 view(s)
How Many People Can You Fit Around A Banquet Table?

Picking a Banquet Table Size By Seating

Round Banquet Tables

If you’ve ever been to a formal event like a wedding reception or graduation, you’ve likely sat at a round banquet table. Wood rounds are the most commonly used tables for events and most of ours come with a 3-year warranty. Our 60” round wooden banquet table is an industry favorite and best-seller, perfect for seating 8 people comfortably. It’s large without being cumbersome to transport or store and allows for virtually any banquet chairs to be used around it.

Starting at just $70 wholesale for our 36” round wooden folding table, our tables can seat between 4 and 10-12 people (available in our largest size, 72” round). For that sweet in-between spot, try the 54” round banquet table, which fits 6 guests.

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You’re more likely to see a rectangular banquet table in use than square, but they’re both still fairly common. Many rectangular banquet tables serve double-duty as places for people to eat as well as to hold buffets, be used at event check-in, display information or prizes, and much more. These versatile banquet tables also come in a huge range of sizes (from 4’x30” for 4 people to 8’x48” “King” banquet table that can hold 8-12 people and even 6 ft banquet tables specifically used for a bar setup). Like round banquet tables, all of Event Stable’s rectangular and square tables are also designed to accommodate most standard banquet chairs.

Our square banquet tables come in three sizes: 48” (holds 4-6 people), 60” (holds 8-12 people), and 72” (holds 10-12 people). While not as regularly used, these square tables come with the same commercial-quality guarantee as every other item from Event Stable.

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Serpentine Banquet Tables

These oddly-shaped banquet tables are good for those who need to save space while maximizing tabletop surface. Serpentine wholesale banquet tables start at just $67 and come in half-rounds as well as a serpentine bar set for a good variety of shapes and seating arrangements.

The 72” half-round is generally recommended for 2-3 people on one side, or two of them can be pushed together for a full-round banquet table that fits up to 12 people. Serpentines can be used in a similar way; one serpentine banquet table can fit 1-2 people on the smaller inner edge, or you can push two together for a circular table with space in the middle. No matter which layout you pick, when you order from Event Stable, you can get free shipping on your order of 10+ banquet tables or on orders of banquet chairs and tables over $2K.

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When you’re looking for banquet tables and chairs for sale, it’s crucial to keep these sizes in mind. Once you find the perfect banquet table size for your inventory, be sure to give us a call at 866-360-4642, or let us help you find exactly what you need. From 2 guests to 12, we can help you make every event efficient and comfortable with the right supplies.


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