Farm Tables



Farm Tables

Bring farm-to-table to life with our Reclaimed Elm series of farmhouse tables. The natural look of these tables would compliment any event venue, winery, bistro, cafe or even your own home.


"Beautiful addition to our farm venue. Paired perfectly with cross back chairs"


Details that matter.

Natural, Handcrafted Wood

Looking to seat 8-10 guests? Choose from our  60'' Round Reclaimed Elm Wood Table or our rustic 40'' x 96'' Folding Farm Table.

If you like the reclaimed elm look and need something a little smaller, check out our 36'' Round Reclaimed Elm Wood Cocktail Table.

No matter the venue or occasion, whether it be a barn wedding or winery in need of tables, EventStable carriers a variety of Farm Table shapes and colors to fit your space. 

What good are tables without chairs? Shop our Cross Back Chair collection and create the perfect pairing!

Quality Construction

These event-ready farm tables are as beautiful as they are practical.

Featuring 3.5'' thick pine wood legs and heavy duty construction, each of our farmhouse style tables contain the same professional standards so you can forget about worrying about durabiliity.  

While our Reclaimed Elm series of tables give you the option to choose between detachable X-Legs and H-Style legs, they're just as easy to set up as as our pine folding farm tables and stack seamlessly and are relatively lightweight for their material. 

Commercial Grade

When you're buying farm tables for your party rental company or venue, you'll need something that is durable yet warm and modern yet rustic. 

Our Farm Tables are not just designed for tea in your living room(although they can be!), these dining surfaces were constructed with the event industry in mind so whether they're used indoors or outside, in a barn or banquet hall, performance is not something you'll have to worry about. 

Best of all, they ship free when you order 10 or more or combine them with other tables and chairs for an order over $5k! 


Finishes and sizes to match any occasion.

EventStable farmhouse tables come in a variety of finishes and sizes (even cocktail size!) along with other customizable features.

Farm Tables Available at

EventStable farmhouse tables come in a variety of finishes such as reclaimed elm wood or solid pine. Our farm style dining tables also come in different sizes, including a cocktail farm table for your next soirée!

If rustic and modern is the approach your venue or party rental business is going for, the presence of farm tables is always a safe bet. Whether you’re looking to add wholesale farm tables to your rental inventory, barn venue or simply a farm style dining table for your home, EventStable has you covered. 

Banquet Farm Tables

Farm Tables are all the rage right now and for good reason. Each farm table from EventStable is constructed of durable, commercial grade wood - elm or pine. Any rustic venue or rental company interested in these modern dining options will have an original variety to choose from. 

Our 8' x 40'' Solid Pine Folding Farm Table takes all the convenient and seamless assembly of folding banquet tables and combines it with the durable, hand crafted country style farm table top that has become a boon in the event rental industry.

When you think solid pine tables, you're also thinking about family. With that, we also offer a 6' x 30'' Folding Farm Table for kids. Virtually a clone of a our adult sized 8' table, but shrunken down for the little ones at the party so they can join in on the festivities as well. 

If the pine folding farm table is little too current for you, we can offer something that feels more like it was trapped in moment of time.

Our 8' x 40'' Reclaimed Elm Farm Table. Commercial grade elm wood construction provides a table top and base that will sustain peak peformance for years and events to come. 

Round Farm Tables

EventStable offers multiple variations of 60'' round Farm Tables that is sure to complomemt any farmhouse venue, winery, bistro, or cafe.

Comfortably sit 8-10 guests with our 60'' Round Reclaimed Elm Wood Table that features an X Leg base that is easily assembled and creates a great alternative dining option from the typical 60'' Round Plastic and Wood Folding Tables.

Are you a party rental company that values performance as much as efficiency? The 60'' Round Farmhouse Folding Table might just be the perfect solution.

Available in several different colors and ready in a matter of seconds, this is the perfect dining option when you want to combine modern durability with classic, attractive country appeal.

If your event space is more suited for casual conversation and open space is a priority, take a look at our 36'' Round Reclaimed Elm Wood Cocktail Table. Each of these tables ships with a 42.25'' tall base and only takes minutes to assemble. 

Speaking of shipping, all round farm tables from EventStable ship free when you buy 10+ or combine them with chairs and tables for any purchase over $5k!



Chairs & Accessories For Farm Tables from EventStable

With your brand new supply of farmhouse tables added to your inventory, you're going to need to pair them up with chairs for your guests and customers. Wooden Cross Back Chairs or Bentwood Chairs are great options that perfectly compliment one another, as well as the overall venue.

Love the appearance of farm tables but worry about the overall health of them long term? Our Farm Table Cover is a quilted, fabric cover underneath with a heavy duty canvas top accompanied by string-ties to secure the cover to the top for sustainted protection over time. The farm table cover allows you to store the tabletops vertically, so you can save space and be extra careful in transportation.