A Great Way to Wash Folding Chairs - Build a Homemade Chair Washing Machine

August 30, 2019 5300 view(s)
A Great Way to Wash Folding Chairs - Build a Homemade Chair Washing Machine

In the party rental business, there are several factors that combined can lead to a lot of success.  Having good, clean equipment to rent is one of them.  It's so important in fact, that there is a major portion of the event industry dedicated to professional cleaning solutions, like tent washing machines and chair washers.   These machines are expensive, and...

not everyone has the budget or the space for a large, expensive chair or tent washer.

We love a tip we saw on Facebook that came from William Lategano of Avenue Party Rentals in Deer Park, NY.  William obviously cares about having clean chairs to rent, so he put together this ingenious method of cleaning his plastic folding chairs.

Homemade chair washer made from some brush heads and a trash can

William took a slim, tall Rubbermaid trash can, four broom heads, some shims and a few nuts and bolts to create a homemade chair washing machine.  Everything was available at Home Depot.

To wash chairs, he simply fills the can with clean water and rapidly inserts a chair up and down, then flips it over to hit it from the other direction.  This cuts down on the time it takes to clean each chair, without having to hand-brush each one.  And not to mention, it's a great shoulder workout!

We're guessing that this design could be altered slightly so it would work well with resin folding chairs also, by reducing or eliminating the use of shims to create a slightly wider gap between the brushes.

So there you have it!  Whether you're in the party rental business or not, here's a great, inexpensive "machine" you can build to make chair washing a lot easier and more efficient.

Thanks for the tip, William!

If you're tired of washing your chairs, would prefer to rent clean chairs and are in the Long Island area in New York, check out Avenue Party Rentals here.  

Or, if you are tired of trying to clean your old chairs and want to start fresh...

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