A Wedding Style Trend - The Cross Back

I have a new favorite chair! The Cross-Back Chair, also known as (x-back) has made its way into the Event Furniture Market. This new type of seating models a Rustic Tuscan feel. These chairs have wonderful clean lines and an elegant farmhouse feel. They can be used at both farm-style and formal weddings, private parties and corporate events.

Crafted of solid wood and handsomely distressed with a weathered finish, these chairs pair well with round or long reception tables. Dress your tables with natural color linens for a nicely cohesive contrast or use Farm style wood tables for a nice blend of woods.

Cross Backs Sold to Oconee
Photo Credit: Oconee Event Rentals

I love the way this Cross Back Wood Chair with White Grain blends with soft earthy pallets. Excuse me while I continue to day dream of being in Tuscany!

Cross Backs Sold to Apple Brides
Photo Credit: Apple Brides

In the photo below you will see how well the Medium Natural Cross Back Chair compliments with the Farm Style Dining Table.

Cross Backs Sold to Goodwin Event Rentals
Photo Credit: Goodwin Event Rentals

Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

How about treating your guests to a little R&R while they witness you tie the knot!? Crossback chairs have a comfortable form with a 18" wide seat and 20" wide back rest. They'll have the afternoon to soak up the ambiance and allure of your romantic ceremony.

If you are looking to upgrade your rental chairs, the cross-back style chair has just the right amount of warmth and formality for weddings and special events.

X-Back Chairs Wholesale

With 7 different styles to choose from, consisting of light woods and dark woods, smooth to antique finishes, you will have no problem finding the right chair to complement your look.

Wooden (X-Back) Cross-Back Chairs Wholesale
Cross Back X-Back Chairs Wholesale

These are two of my favorite Cross back chairs, Dark Brown Cross Back and Wood with White Grain Cross Back. You don't need to live in a barn to embrace country charm, get the rustic look with these Cross Back Chairs. Either one will create a Chic Farmhouse design.


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