Resin Folding Chairs

Here at EventStable, you'll find a variety of resin folding chairs for sale at wholesale prices, and in several different colors. Not only that, but we have walked the walk with these chairs, having used our own TitanPRO brand chairs in our own rental company. Padded garden chairs are  ...Read More

great for all kinds of events, and easy to own because they look terrific and are super easy to clean. 

Resin Folding Chairs for Sale

By far the most popular folding chair for events, our TitanPRO white resin wedding chair is made to be strong and dependable. Bright white and exceptionally strong, this is the chair you want in your inventory if you do anything with weddings. 

The same chair is available in five other finishes and seat cushion combinations so it is suitable for literally any gathering or event.

Looking for more of a tennis match, garden chair vibe? The slatted seat version could fit the bill. 

Buying in bulk? Don't miss the wholesale discounts and savings with our pre-discounted bundle packages of 100 folding chairs (and other common quantities). 


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Customers Ultimately Purchased

Resin folding chairs are most commonly used by rental companies and event venues as chairs for weddings, but with our wide selection of colors we're sure you'll find the padded resin chair for any application you have.  An upgrade to less expensive plastic chairs, resin chairs command more of a rental rate and because of the ease of cleaning and maintenance will provide a solid return on investment.  

Padded garden chairs can be used for much more than just weddings.  You'll see these chairs in concert venues, at wineries or private estates.  Our wholesale White resin folding chairs are great for outdoor wedding ceremonies, but can also be used for backyard parties and other events. 

Our resin folding chairs have a 1/2'' thick padded seat that snaps into place inside the seat frame.  The seat pad can be easily removed for cleaning or repair if necessary.  Also check out our resin folding chairs with a slatted seat if you want to avoid the seat pad altogether.  

Need a quote to buy resin folding chairs in bulk?  We're happy to help.  And if you're not sure whether wholesale resin folding chairs are the answer, make sure you read our Ultimate Folding Chairs Buyer's Guide for more in depth information.   

Resin Folding Chairs At

Wholesale resin folding chairs are the perfect answer for those who love the look of wooden folding chairs, but want more reliable padded folding chairs that are lighter and easier to maintain. EventStable’s padded resin folding chairs come in the same popular colors (such as white, black, and mahogany) but weigh less than the standard wood folding chair, making them easier to stack, store, and transport.

When you do decide to fold and stack them in between events, our unique nesting design means that all of our resin folding chairs lock together to decrease the chance of damage. That convenient element makes our resin folding chairs for sale some of the best in the industry, which is why EventStable continues to be the #1 rental furniture source for wholesale wooden folding chairs, resin chairs, and many other party rental seating options.

White and black resin folding chairs are some of the most requested items for wedding and other outdoor events, making them an important option to be able to offer your clients. Our easy-to-clean ½” padded seats guarantee that your guests will be able to relax in comfort and you won’t get stuck scrubbing out stubborn stains at the end of the party.

Or, opt for one of our resin folding chairs with a slatted seat -- we offer multiple options so you can find the best model for your needs. Shop EventStable’s resin folding chairs wholesale today and maximize your ROI instantly.

Slatted vs. Padded Resin Folding Chairs

When it comes to resin folding chairs for sale, you generally have two options: ones with no seat pad or padded resin folding chairs. While our white resin folding chairs with slatted seats provide the same level of durability through many seasons of rental use, many rental experts prefer padded resin folding chairs for their added comfort.

Plus, EventStable offers replacement cushions for resin folding chairs that are easy to swap out when necessary.

Not only are our padded resin folding chairs easy to clean, they have even better longevity than wholesale wood folding chairs over the years, which is why more and more rental companies and event venues are opting for resin over wood. 

Whether you prefer the sleek look of padless resin chairs or the cushion of padded resin folding chairs, EventStable has party-tested, commercial-grade seating options that are industry recommended.

Check out our stock of all wholesale resin folding chairs to add to your inventory and call us at 866-360-4642 with any questions.

Wedding Chairs

Resin Chiavari chairs and Wood Chiavari Chairs may have had their heyday as the wedding chairs of choice, but white resin folding chairs are quickly catching up to become some of our best sellers.

While many party rental companies and event venues may still prefer the warmth of wooden folding chairs, our padded wedding chairs are more popular than ever. Often referred to as garden folding chairs or wedding chairs, padded resin chairs are a modern and sleek option for anyone looking to try something new without investing in offbeat designs that aren’t rented regularly.

Even better, they stack easily, transport effortlessly, and can last through season after season of indoor and outdoor use without losing their like-new appearance.

When it comes to the perfect padded wedding chairs, EventStable’s white resin folding chairs get the job done and can help take your rental business to the next level.

Browse EventStable’s padded folding chairs for sale and see if your order qualifies for free shipping or quantity discounts.

Resin Folding Chair Experts at EventStable

Experts agree that resin folding chairs are rapidly becoming a popular alternative to resin Chiavari chairs and wholesale wooden folding chairs as the wedding chair of choice.

This doesn’t mean that you need to replace your stock of other resin chairs; all it means is rental companies serious about remaining competitive should consider sorting through resin folding chairs for sale to find the best models for their needs.

EventStable can help with this search. With years of experience in the party rental business, we know what seating options are most often requested for weddings and other formal events.

We’ve found that our white resin chairs (and sometimes black resin chairs for evening affairs) are incredibly lucrative seating options to have on hand for a wide variety of parties. When you have resin folding chairs on hand to offer customers, they’ll be happy with the look and feel of them and you’ll be happy with the return you see. Everybody wins when you purchase resin chairs wholesale from EventStable.

With our expertise and experience, you’re sure to find the resin folding chairs that perfectly suit your rental needs. EventStable’s resin chairs for sale are competitively priced with plenty of quantity and shipping discounts available, so no matter what your budget is, we can help with our expert advice.