How To Clean Plastic Folding Tables

How To Clean Plastic Folding Tables
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How To Clean Plastic Folding Tables

Based on plastic folding tables’ longstanding popularity in the rental industry, knowing how to stack them, store them, and clean them is crucial information for any party rental company. While they might not face the same type of issues that wooden folding tables come across due to their weight and natural material, plastic folding tables do come with their own set of specific cleaning requirements.

Luckily, if you regularly give your tables even a little TLC, you’re pretty much guaranteed to be able to enjoy your stock of them for many years and events to come. From light cleaning to heavy-duty stain removal, here are some suggestions on how to best care for your plastic folding tables from Event Stable.

Our plastic tabletops are made with polyethylene, which resists most stains from liquids or natural elements like dirt and grass. However, it’s important to not let anything sit too long on the surface due to the inherently porous nature of the material. If you notice that a wineglass has tipped over during dinner, don’t wait. Grab some paper towels and you should be able to mop it up without a trace without having to break out a bunch of cleaning supplies mid-event.

After an event ends, the last thing you probably want to do is sit around washing your tables before loading them up. BUT - with just a few minutes invested after each event, you’ll be able to extend the time needed between more intense washes. If you have access to a garden hose, feel free to give the plastic folding tables a healthy rinse to remove major food particles or residue before drying them off and breaking them down. Be sure to use soft shop towels to dry them completely to avoid scratching the polyethylene surface.

Natural sprays work well on plastic folding tables as well as wood, resin, and other materials. Image: Flickr

If you have a great team of efficient people at your disposal, you might want to consider taking the post-event breakdown cleaning routine a bit further. Use a spray bottle filled with either Simple Green, diluted OxyClean, or even a white vinegar solution to spray on each table and follow it with a soft towel wipe down. These strong, but safe cleaning products are much more powerful than water and won’t leave a soapy residue. The few minutes you spend after each event will save you lots of money in the long run.

Sometimes even with regular maintenance, you’ll have to combat tough table stains. If you’ve invested in our stock of heavy-duty commercial-grade furniture instead of cheap folding tables, it’s safe to dilute some bleach to use on plastic folding tables in a well-ventilated, but be sure to use gloves and rinse very thoroughly to avoid any potential corrosion.

You can also opt for Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser, which has proven itself time and again to be a valuable tool of the rental industry. Best of all? You can use it on virtually any piece of rental furniture with proven results.

  • Brillo pads
  • Rough brushes
  • Power washers… mostly. Some commercial-grade plastic folding tables can withstand the blast if you stand far enough away or adjust the water pressure, but old or flimsy tables are more susceptible to damage. Use your judgement when considering power washing your round folding tables.

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With our two-inch-thick commercial-grade polyethylene tabletops atop 16-gauge powder coated steel folding legs with gravity-lock safety rings and non-marring single umbrella glides to protect your floors, these heavy-duty lifetime folding tables are a great investment that can be used both indoors and outdoors. From 6 foot to 8 foot folding tables to bi-fold tables and beyond, when you’re ready to add some fresh furniture to your inventory, give Event Stable a call at 866-360-4642. You’ll get 1% back on every order when you join our Rewards Program, plus tons of quantity discounts for party rental professionals.

Power washing is best suited for industrial purposes, not necessarily your furniture. Image: Flickr

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