Compare Us for Folding Chairs from Target

Compare Us for Folding Chairs from Target
By Will Murphy
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Compare Us for Folding Chairs from Target

I don’t think I’ve ever met someone who doesn’t enjoy shopping at Target. In fact I’m married to someone who seems to love shopping at Target.

The stores are always clean and well organized and they have almost everything you need. So much so, that when some of our customers begin the hunt for places to buy folding chairs, they often think of Target.

Depending on how they’ll use their chairs, getting folding chairs at Target can make a lot of sense. Other times, it makes more sense to buy commercial quality chairs from another fantastic company like EventStable.


"Where are the commercial folding chairs?"

Source: Photo by Charlie Deets on Unsplash

Folding Chairs at Target

Foldable dining chairFoldable dining chair
Source: Mom's house

For the most part, the table and chairs selection at the big red bullseye is intended more for residential use. They sell a nice variety of lighter-weight metal folding chairs, card tables, TV trays and foldable dining chairs.

One type of chair that you can get at Target that I really like are the ones that look like high-end wooden restaurant chairs, but they have a slick folding mechanism. My mom has a bunch of these that she stashes in the closet and they really come in handy around the holidays or for game night for extra seating at the table.

Available in Store or for Local Pickup

A big advantage of buying just about anything at Target, whether in store or online, is that their physical stores are everywhere. On top of that, they let you “ship to store”, so you can order online and pick up at your local store.

So if you’re planning to have the gals over for bridge and need a new card table and chairs, Target has a lot of options and probably has some in stock right down the street.

(Now, I will say that we at EventStable offer card tables and chairs as well, that you should consider if a high-quality option would better fit the bill. We also offer free shipping, so you can avoid taking a trip to the store.)

The same thing goes for folding stools at Target. There are a few great, cost-effective options.

(Don’t forget about EventStable’s folding bar stool with backrest though. It’s not currently available in stores but ships for free, and has a lot of fantastic reviews!)

Consider EventStable for Bulk Chair Purchases for Commercial Use

Now, we’ve covered that for your residential seating options, Target is a great way to go. However, for commercial seating needs, you should consider EventStable.

When I say commercial seating, I’m talking more about buying folding chairs in bulk, for your rental company, event center or banquet facility.

We make sure that all the chairs we sell are commercial quality and intended for professional use. I don’t care if that means metal folding chairs, plastic folding tables, or folding bar stools.

Resin folding chairsResin folding chairs
Resin folding chairs. Now we're talking.

Custom Quoting for Volume Furniture Purchasing  

One thing you can’t do at Target is negotiate. The price is the price, whether you buy one or 100 folding chairs.

Not at EventStable. With us, when you are buying tables and chairs in bulk, you can request a custom quote to make sure you get the best value.

Our reps will review the items on the quote, factor any shipping, and give you a great value for your bulk order.

So, if you’re shopping for a few foldable dining chairs, head to Target. While you’re there, say hi to my wife because she’s probably buying clothes for our girls. “They’re just so cute!”

If you are on the hunt for a great place to buy folding chairs for parties and in bulk, you’re just one page away.

Author: Will Murphy

Will is one of the owners here at EventStable. He lives in California with three amazing ladies and a boxer named Frank. A former party rental operator, he cannot resist the urge to turn over a chair out in public to see who made it. "Dad, you love folding chairs", is the common response. 

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January 3, 2020