Do You Know How to Host a Corporate Holiday Party?

Do You Know How to Host a Corporate Holiday Party?
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Do You Know How to Host a Corporate Holiday Party?

'Tis the season to be jolly, and for a rocking holiday party.  Make sure you close out 2017 with a bang, and a little guidance from EventStable for a good old fashioned holiday or New Years party.

We feel like there are some holiday bash necessities for party rental companies, wedding venues, as well as the businesses hosting parties themselves.  Read on!

Party rental companies have to be ready for all types of events, all year long.  Because holiday parties can happen on the weekend as well as mid-day during the week, the holiday season can be a busy and lucrative time of year for rental.

Anticipate the needs of your corporate customers by having the right gear, ready for rental.  Many companies choose to host their parties right in the office, so they'll need a few things to really make the event pop:

Wedding & Event Venues Bringing in Corporate Gold

Wedding and special event venues can also get in on the holiday party action.  Sure, there are always lovely winter weddings to be had, but a classic wedding facility can easily become a party destination for local companies that wish to party off-site.

Many wedding venues are short on space, so they should certainly work with what they already own, like folding tables and chairs.  However, a few investments can pay off big time in making your venue a corporate bash headquarters:

  • Portable Dance Floor - consider investing early before next wedding season and giving Rachel from HR a spot to cut loose!
  • Holiday Printed Pipe & Drape - doesn't take up much storage space and extremely versatile with additional draping.
  • Globe Lighting - if you haven't decked out that patio yet, now is the time.

Businesses Hosting Right in the Office

Finally, if your business finds itself hosting its party on site year after year, it may pay off to keep some additional equipment on hand:

  • Folding Chairs - 30 chairs can be stored in a closet, and you'll find use for them all year long.
  • Folding Bar Stools - Create your own high top seating area, or line up bar stools behind folding chairs for double-decker seating during holiday toasts.
  • Fold-in-half tables - you know, the kind where the top folds in half as well as the legs.  Stick a few in the closet with the folding chairs and use for that potluck luncheon.

No matter what your event equipment needs are for this holiday season, EventStable is here to help rock that party.  Shop online, request a quote for bulk orders, or call 866-360-4642 for expert help - just not after too many glasses of champagne.

September 3, 2019