Polyester Tablecloths

Polyester Tablecloths are almost essential when it comes to any event, and EventStable supplies only the most durable. All of our heavyweight Polyester Tablecloths  ...Read More

include a high-quality rolled serge hem to minimize fraying edges, putting these on top of the market! We have so much to choose from with many different color, size, and shape options. EventStable has something for every occasion, we even carry Polyester Napkin Packs!

Our Polyester Tablecloths are great for rental companies, hotels and event venues because they're durable, stain-resistant and easy to clean. Add in our narrow rolled serged hem and seamless design, and you'll fall in love with these linens.

Polyester Tablecloths for Sale

At EventStable, we have everything you’re looking for when it comes to Polyester Tablecloths. With a variety of colors and sizes, you’ll be sure to catch your eye on one.

What good is a birthday party with no birthday decorations? Our tablecloths help add that final touch to your event.

Each of our table linens are too easy to clean. Just wash as you would laundry, and watch your tablecloths last years without losing any original brilliance. We get more in depth on this topic here!

Afraid of getting all your event tables scratched and dirty? Our commercial grade tablecloths add that protective layer, helping to slow down that wear and tear process. 

In need of other table accessories for your party rental company or event venue? Dress up any of your formal events with any bundle of elegant tablecloth napkins.

Free Shipping Deals & Wholesale Discounts on Polyester Tablecloths

We offer FREE SHIPPING on any order of Polyester Tablecloths over $99.

That includes polyester napkins along with both rectangular and round tablecloths! Browse our selection of the best polyester tablecloths and napkins today!

In addition to free shipping deals, most if not all of our polyester table linens feature wholesale discounts when you buy tablecloths in bulk!

Polyester Tablecloths For Sale from EventStable.com

Polyester tablecloths are an essential item for event venues, party rental companies, banquet halls, and catering companies. Not only do you need a large inventory of banquet tablecloths for virtually every event, they’re also one of the most profitable items in your rental portfolio. They can last for years and withstand commercial use and laundering without losing any of their original brilliance.

Wholesale polyester tablecloths are preferred over other materials such as cotton or silk due to polyester’s durability, colorfast quality, party-grade engineering, affordable cost, and longstanding desirability as a rental item. Plus, all of EventStable’s heavyweight polyester tablecloths include a high-quality rolled serge hem to minimize fraying edges (unlike many inferior wholesale table linens).

EventStable offers ivory, black, and white polyester tablecloths in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your business’ needs. All of our rectangular and round tablecloths correspond with our most popular sizes of banquet tables, making it easy to find polyester tablecloths to match your existing inventory.

Start shopping EventStable’s wholesale black tablecloths, polyester napkins, and other banquet table linens for sale to find your next best investment today.


Round Polyester Tablecloths

Round event tables are some of the most commonly used items for events, and that means you’ll need plenty of round tablecloths to go along with them.

EventStable offers plenty of round polyester linens to fit a range of round folding tables, including: 60” round tables, 72” round tables and many more sizes. From 90” round linens to 132” rounds, EventStable’s round polyester tablecloths give you plenty of options for the look you’d like, from a shorter drape to floor-length coverage.

You can even double up on top of your round banquet tables for a two-color look that’s elegant and easy to achieve.

No matter if you have or need plastic or wooden round banquet tables for sale, our round polyester tablecloths (available in black, white, and ivory) are the best ones available


Rectangular Polyester Tablecloths

Rectangular banquet tables are often used for buffets, conferences, and family-style seating during events, but no table is complete without one (or two) of EventStable’s rectangle polyester linens on top.

Our wholesale polyester tablecloths come in black, ivory, and white, and cover table sizes ranging from the common 6'x30'' banquet tables or 8'x30" banquet table to larger rectangular banquet tables such as our “Queen” (8’ x 40” rectangular tables) and “King” (8’ x 48” rectangular tables) sizes.

EventStable specifically offers a large selection of rectangular polyester tablecloths to fit the most popular banquet table sizes as well as the sizes that you need the most.

Best of all, our commercial-grade tablecloths for events are easy to clean yourself or have them professionally laundered, allowing you to use them for years to come without fading or fraying.

Polyester Napkins

Wholesale table linens doesn’t just mean polyester tablecloths. This popular rental category includes polyester napkins as well.

EventStable’s inventory of 20'' square polyester napkins come in black, white, and ivory to match your polyester table drapes and instantly elevate every table setting with a high-quality look that lasts for years (even when used over and over again).

Our polyester napkins can be washed with your stock of polyester table drapes, making it an easy and affordable addition to your rental portfolio.

Plus, their wrinkle-resistant engineering means they’ll stay looking crisp and colorfast use after use, even with the most stubborn spills and stains.

Add a level of elegance to your banquet tables; shop EventStable’s 10-packs of polyester napkins to complete your wholesale linen order today.

Expert Help Available

EventStable offers much more than wholesale table linens for sale. We pride ourselves in providing expert advice and guidance through every step of your purchase for your business or personal use.

That’s why we remain the #1 source of wholesale tablecloths, banquet tablesfolding chairs, and many more items valued by hotels, party rental companies, and event venues.

Our competitive prices apply to every sized order, and we offer free shipping on all orders of table linens over $99.

That includes polyester napkins as well as both rectangular and round banquet tablecloths, so you can make one easy purchase and save big. Browse our selection of the best polyester tablecloths and napkins today and start seeing a return on your investment upon delivery.