[Video] Why A Chiavari Chair Dolly Is Crucial For Your Business

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By Connor Rusinko
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[Video] Why A Chiavari Chair Dolly Is Crucial For Your Business

For maximum efficiency, experts recommend having at least one Chiavari chair dolly for every 100 Chiavari chairs. Why is this important?

Unlike folding chair dollies, Chiavari chair dollies are specifically designed to effortlessly (and safely) transport what’s likely to be your most valuable rental item — Chiavari chairs. Without a Chiavari chair dolly, it’s a lot more difficult to set up and tear down events without using more time, energy, employees and ultimately money.

As business owners and managers, you tend to have two priorities. One: provide excellent service for all events to the satisfaction of your guests, and two: protect your bottom line with profits. Non-rented equipment like Chiavari chair dollies will absolutely help with the first part, but if you’re still unsure how it contributes to the second part, read on!

You’ve all heard the phrase “you have to spend money to make money”. Well, it’s true. And although Chiavari chair dollies aren’t going to be something that you can add to a client’s invoice time and again, they are investments in your own success that will ultimately lead you to maximizing your ROI.

They do this by cutting costs through time. For a small investment (Event Stable’s Chiavari chair dolly is less than $200), you’ll reap the rewards tenfold by minimizing injury risk, potential chair damage and payroll for employees who will now be spending less time before and after events on the clock.

Curious about the specs? Check out Event Stable’s heavy duty Chiavari chair dolly by watching the short video below:

Chiavari Chair Dolly With Arm (YouTube)

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_lHjHp3zqig]

This new-and-improved dolly cart design folds up to save space without losing that helpful Chiavari arm, which also helps cut down on shipping costs from Event Stable to you. Plus, its steel powder-coated frame means that it’s in it for the long haul. Finally, at 35 lbs., our Chiavari chair dolly is the heavy-duty answer you’ve been looking for.

Stop wasting time and energy delivering Chiavari chairs the inefficient way. Call Event Stable today at 866-360-4642 or visit us online to view our entire selection of Chiavari chair dollies for sale, as well as dolly carts for the most popular styles of rental chairs from the best in the business.

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September 10, 2019