Are You Prepared For Rainy Events This Spring?

Are You Prepared For Rainy Events This Spring?
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Are You Prepared For Rainy Events This Spring?

April showers bring May flowers… or so the saying goes. That means that come May, your outdoor events are going to be in prime bloom, making for very Instagram-worthy snapshots of blossoming wedding bouquets and delicate floral table arrangements. Until then, however, it’s time to get prepared for the inclement weather that’s so common in springtime.

If your venue contains outdoor event spaces, there’s no reason why spring can’t be your most profitable season, rain or shine. All it takes is a little forethought, preparation and some rental accessories like an extra market umbrella to cover the bar table or cross-cable tents to offer your clients. Here are some tips on how to stay one step ahead of the rain and make sure every springtime event goes smoothly in sunshine or showers.

Expect the Unexpected

Does the forecast call for cloudless skies, but the morning of a 400 person garden wedding dawns with stormclouds on the horizon? From March through May, the weather may change by the minute, so when your clients are signing on the dotted line months in advance, make sure to let them know you have a plan no matter what the weather holds. Plus, letting them know that you have a Plan B in case the weather isn’t cooperating will give them peace of mind as early as possible.

Plan Ahead Based On Your Location

Depending on what part of the country you’re in, the risk of averse weather may be higher. For the southern part of the country, April may already be hot and muggy, so it’s a good idea to pair your linen-covered banquet tables with a white outdoor umbrella for a crisp effect that’ll both shade guests as well as protect them from any sudden showers. Make sure to opt for a granite umbrella stand for stability if your patio or outdoor space gets slick when wet.

In the northern states, April is merely the tail end of winter, so portable heaters are a must-have for cooler outdoor events. Consider adding an offset umbrella base around the perimeter of tables for a contemporary touch that still allows plenty of room for guests to walk around.

Finally, in the wetter regions, ensuring that your stock includes pop-up canopy kits and quick shelters will show your clients that you’re prepared for anything. Best of all? These durable outdoor rental accessories are a fantastic way to increase your revenue as well as cement your reputation as a reliable party rental company through word-of-mouth recommendations.

Allot Additional Set-Up & Tear Down Time

When the weather is working against you, you’ll need to anticipate longer set-up and tear down time. Lots of frame tents, while convenient, do take a few minutes to assemble, so give your team extra time to make sure you stay on schedule.

With the proper equipment and foresight, you’ll be prepared for whatever springtime has in store. And if the forecast calls for sunny skies, sit back and enjoy the great outdoors!


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September 3, 2019