How to Deal With Unforeseen Cancellations - Venues & Party Rental

How to Deal With Unforeseen Cancellations - Venues & Party Rental
By Larah Winn
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How to Deal With Unforeseen Cancellations - Venues & Party Rental

There are just some things we’ll never see coming. 

As of March 15, 2020, the CDC officially recommended the cancellation of large and even small scale events & weddings in the United States for eight weeks, or until mid-May.

As we see many industries and the world suffering in the midst of Coronavirus, the special event industry is no exception. If you’re a party rental company or venue, you most likely are already seeing cancellations. 

So, as a small business how do you proceed and plan for these unforeseen cancellations?

While we at Eventstable consider ourselves industry experts, often advising our customers on which wholesale tables and chairs to purchase, we’ve researched what party rental companies and venue leaders are doing during these uncertain times to stay afloat. 

Please note, we are providing the best recommendations we can but consult with your lawyers before taking any action.

Consult With Your Attorney

First and foremost, as just mentioned, consult with your attorney. Review your current contracts.

Seek legal advice so that you know your options when dealing with cancellations.

Not every client interaction will be the same, so you may want to come up with a script when first responding to common questions customers will have during this time. 

What is your refund clause? Is your business capable of rescheduling? Is it better for your business to plan and reschedule for 2021?

Depending upon the size and scale of your business, your responses and legal advice may be different. We wouldn’t advise simply taking the recommendations of other businesses in a Facebook group.

Be Proactive

While all of us are trying to wrap our heads around the Coronavirus and the fallout, it is best to remain calm and act as a leader for your business.

Have clear communication with your employees and customers during this time - they are most likely worried, and will look to business owners for guidance. 

Get together with preferred vendors to come up with creative solutions for customers who are rescheduling their events.

Our Customer, Spain Ranch, created a written guide for their couples who have had to reschedule their wedding. 

Are you a new venue or party rental company and have dates available? Make sure you are marketing that at this time.

The more proactive you are during this time, the better your business will fare given unforeseen cancellations.

Be Sensitive to the Circumstances

While you may have customers who are rescheduling, you will inevitably have customers who simply cannot.

Be mindful that the cancellation of their event could be disappointing and emotional.

When crafting your responses to customers or speaking with them over the phone, remain sensitive yet consistent.

Offer help where you can and reassure them that you and your business will be there to support them now and for future events.

If you are sensitive and accommodating to customers' needs, think of how impactful it will be for your future business.  Customers will walk away feeling better and they will recommend your venue or company to others.

These are particularly trying times for us all, especially for those in the special event industry.

We want to let you know that while we here at EventStable are not unaffected, we will remain here for you and will support you however we can.

Please visit this special page we’ve created with helpful information, including resource links, our current operating and shipping status, and more.

Author: Larah Winn

Larah is the creative and marketing specialist here at EventStable. She lives in the old axe factory town of Collinsville, Connecticut with her husband and dog Baya. In her free time you can find her helping her husband restore their 1860's cottage.

March 27, 2020