How To Clean Wooden Chiavari Chairs

How To Clean Wooden Chiavari Chairs
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While there are several Chiavari chair materials to choose from (like resin or metal), wooden Chiavari chairs continue to be the classic seating option of choice for many people booking parties and weddings. That means it’s crucial for event venues and party rental companies to know how to properly care for their inventory of wood Chiavaris to maximize their lifespan (as well as return on investment).

From storage tips to proper cleaning techniques, here are a few party-tested ways to care for your stock of wooden Chiavari chairs.


Caring For Wooden Chiavari Chairs

Be sure to give each chair a once-over before and after events, tightening any loose bolts, staples or brackets that you see. If any support pieces are cracked or otherwise damaged, you should replace the chair immediately. (This is why it’s recommended to have extra wooden Chiavari chairs in your inventory so you aren’t left short-handed.)

Address minor issues before they become major

If you do see any splintering or separation of joints, add furniture glue to the problem areas as needed. If you’re proactive with little knicks or problems with your chairs, you’ll be able to nip bigger issues in the bud before they happen.

Wooden Chiavari chairs are often used for weddings, formal receptions and even during Fashion Week.

When your wooden Chiavari chairs are not in use, make sure that they are safely stored for best protection. During transport, you can stack them up to 7-8 chairs high, but you may want to go even higher when they aren’t in use to maximize storage space. Also, it’s important to avoid storing any wooden furniture in very humid areas. Excessive moisture in the air can case wood frames to swell, which diminishes their lifespan and durability.

Most of the maintenance on your chairs will be alleviated with the use of protective covers.  A 3/4 length chiavari cover on each chair will not only protect the chairs from scuffs when being transported, but they also keep the chairs dust-free when in storage.  A small initial investment in chair covers up front will substantially reduce your operating expenses down the road

Wooden Chiavari chairs are either painted or stained and generally sealed with a clear coat (or several coats) of polyurethane. That means you won’t need to (and shouldn’t) use harsh cleaning agents to keep your wood Chiavaris clean. Using warm water with a little bit of dish soap and a clean, soft rag, you’ll be able to easily remove food, dirt or grease from the chair frames. Be sure to dry thoroughly to avoid any swelling of the wood.

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When it comes to Chiavaris, wood is still the most requested style for formal events. Best of all, starting at just $37.99 wholesale, they’re an affordable and safe investment for party rental companies and event venues alike. When you shop for your wooden Chiavari chairs at Event Stable, you get free shipping on your order of 30+ chairs. Choose between the following colors:

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September 3, 2019
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