How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Table for Events

How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Table for the Event
March 14, 2022 55 view(s)

How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Table for Events

For anyone in the event and party rental business, planning the party for your customers isn’t as hectic as selecting and arranging all the equipment you would need for the big day. Events with a large guest list need a coordinated plan of action, which often includes seating arrangements that organises the guests and explains where all the different chairs and cocktail tables will be placed on the day of the function.

Whether you are planning a huge charity gala or even a small-scale function at home, you'll want to know which cocktail tables are ideal for the event, and have an idea where to buy them.


Different Types of Cocktail Tables

Every single aspect of the event is important - from the linens to charger plates,and since the tables play a huge role in the overall look of the occasion, they have to be carefully selected keeping the venue and the event in mind.

If you need to plan a large event and are feeling overwhelmed by the daunting process of selecting cocktail tables, there’s no need to worry! This article is the perfect solution for you as it breaks down the wide range of exciting products that are available at EventStable.


1.   Cocktail Glass Tables

Glass covered cocktail tables are incredibly elegant and sophisticated-looking. These chic and trendy tables make the perfect centerpieces at different events and therefore they are sometimes used as party cocktail tables.

This incredibly stunning piece, for example, would look great at any fancy auction or even at a large-scale charity gala.

These sleek and graceful tables are perfect for banquets as they give people a chance to mingle and make conversation during a fancy dinner.


2.   Knock Down Cocktail Tables

If you are searching for cocktail tables for your venue or party inventory, then these multi-piece wooden tables should definitely be on your list. The ­best part about these easy to assemble cocktail tables is that they can just as easily be knocked down and packed up in a matter of seconds.

EventStable carries several different styles of cocktail tables for sale in knockdown (multi-piece), and folding cocktail table style.

The knockdown versions are best-sellers, and can be purchased as part of a set of 10 tables with a cocktail table cart to hold all the components. They are very easy to set up and tear down for events, making these tables a favorite among rental companies and event facilities.


3.   Folding Cocktail Tables

Some people like folding cocktail tables because they are simple and easy to fold up at and store away. The best thing about these tables is that they are very convenient to store and they can be retrieved at a moment’s notice.

Another added benefit of plastic folding cocktail tables is how lightweight they are, so it's less stress on you or your employees with moving them around.

These tables look chic and simple on their own, and they look elegant if you decide to dress them up with a polyester tablecloth.

Anyone wishing to host simple and casual events at home would benefit from these folding tables, as they are both convenient and useful!


4.   Wooden Cocktail Tables

Cocktail furniture is usually very quaint and elegant, and it can amplify the overall look of any sitting space. People who look for fancy tables and fixtures for a stylish drawing room should look into wooden cocktail tables for living rooms, because there are many options which would elevate the look of their seating area.

Those who are searching for wooden high top bar tables for sale would love the options available on Event Stable, as there is a wide range of amazing products to choose from!

Anyone who wants to host an open-air event should definitely think about getting these incredible wooden cocktail tables, because they would look incredibly rustic and chic in an outdoor setting!


5.   Vintage Cocktail Tables

Vintage style cocktail tables are a great addition for any venue that demands a rustic feel while still maintaining that commercial-grade performance. Our 36'' Round Reclaimed Elm Wood Cocktail Table was created for that exact reason.

These farmhouse style cocktail tables are 36'' wide and 42'' high and beautiful enough on their own that they really don't need to be dressed up with linens. Simply screw the tabletop to the base and watch your guests mingle around this vintage looking piece of furniture

If you want an extra dash of elegant flair, simply place a floral centerpiece on each table and you’re good to go!


Where to Find the Perfect Cocktail Tables for Sale Any Event

Those who are searching far and wide for the perfect tables for their parties need not worry! EventStable has an amazing selection of wholesale cocktail tables for purchase. We offer a wide variety of different types of cocktail tables for sale, as well as linens, folding tables, folding chairs and a slew of different event stacking chairs. 


Get Used Cocktail Tables At Amazing Prices!

Even after you know which cocktail table you should get for the big day, sometimes the biggest worry is the cost of the furniture. Some of the cocktail tables available in the marketplace today cost an arm and a leg, and if you just want to have a one-time fancy gala, there is no point in buying a table when you can simply find cocktail tables for rent. EventStable is happy to offer used cocktail tables and other used event furniture at a discount.

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