Affordable Chairs for Graduations and Graduation Parties

Affordable Chairs for Graduations and Graduation Parties
By Larah Winn
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Affordable Chairs for Graduations and Graduation Parties

We all know graduations and graduation parties look a little different this year due to Covid-19. Universities, public schools and parents have to scale back ceremonies and celebrations to adhere to CDC event guidelines. 

What’s promising is that Covid-19 has made colleges and schools come up with unique ways to celebrate their graduates.

Instead of auditoriums or stadiums, schools have sought after large open fields and parking lots to hold graduation ceremonies so that graduates and their families can socially distance and receive their diplomas (well, virtually so to speak). 

The point is, there are still ways for graduations and graduation parties to take place. If you are a party rental company keep in mind that your customers will need last minute and affordable seating options for these celebrations.

We’ve rounded up some low investment, high return folding chair options you can quickly add to your inventory.

TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chair

When talking about graduation ceremonies and parties, customers want no-fuss comfort. Not only are the TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chairs lightweight and easy to set up, they feature a textured polyurethane seat and matching contoured backrest to maximize comfort.

From a storage and transportation standpoint, these folding chairs can also stack in excess of 50 units high. Sounds like the perfect graduation chair if you’re rolling them out to open fields, backyards or parking lots.

Starting at only $14.99, you can save even more by purchasing these folding chairs in bulk.

All of our chairs feature free shipping and quantity pricing deals when you buy in excess of 50+. For a limited time, save 10% on these chairs with code POLY10.

Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Steel Folding Chair

Another cost effective seating option for graduation celebrations is our Titan Series Premium Triple-Braced Steel Folding Chair.

Metal folding chairs may not fit every graduation occasion (as they can get hot for guests to sit on if in direct sun), they still offer a low cost, comfortable, reliable and high quality seating option.

We go more in depth on these chairs in this product video:

TitanPRO™ Resin Folding Chair

Perhaps our most versatile and popular folding chair at EventStable, the Resin Folding Chair may be a slightly greater initial expense but a chair that will last through years of tough use.

A great option for backyard graduation celebrations, Resin Folding Chairs have the added comfort of a removable ½’’ vinyl padded seat cushion. 

Resin folding chairs can also be used in any weather without fear of moisture issues, making them perfect for outdoor graduation ceremonies and parties.

If you need more reasons to love Resin Folding Chairs, check out our buyer's guide for 10 reasons to choose resin folding chairs or our Ultimate Folding Chairs Buyer's Guide for more information. 

So with graduation occasions still happening despite the restrictions of Covid-19, there are a variety of cost-effective seating options out there to help you or your customers celebrate.

Author: Larah Winn

Larah is the creative and marketing specialist here at EventStable. She lives in the old axe factory town of Collinsville, Connecticut with her husband and dog Baya. In her free time you can find her helping her husband restore their 1860's cottage.

June 14, 2020