Wedding Backdrop Kits


Ways to Use Sheer Wedding Backdrops

The beautiful Sheer Wedding Backdrop packages offer a timeless elegant detail to any wedding or special event. A Sheer Wedding Backdrop makes for a versatile drape that can be used in a variety of applications. Our Wedding Backdrop packages can be used for both ceremonial or reception use.

To enhance the beauty of a ceremony, we would recommend our Wedding Arch Backdrop. A Wedding Arch Backdrop will create an extraordinary background for a bride and groom during their Ceremony. The Wedding Arch Backdrop assembles with ease and adds a ''wow factor'' to any ceremony.

We would also recommend using an Adjustable Height or Fixed Height Wedding Backdrop as a focal point behind a Head Table. This will give a grand presentation to showcase the wedding party at the Reception.

Another great way to use an Adjustable Height or Fixed Height Wedding Backdrop is by outlining the perimeter of a room to create a whimsical- romantic feel. You can transform just about any space creating a unique custom design.

Sheer Fabric

One of our favorite features of the Wedding Backdrop is the Sheer Drape fabric. The translucency of the Sheer Drape creates a beautiful canvas for special lighting. We suggest trying a few different lighting techniques to unveil the endless design opportunities when using a Wedding Backdrop.

Here are a few tips we have for applying lighting to a Wedding Backdrop: 1. To light a Wedding Backdrop, place LED up-lighting at the base of the backdrop, casting special lighting up the face of the drapes. 2. Cascade white twinkle lights behind the drape, creating an enchanting display.

The Wedding Backdrop is an all-around functional design asset. With having the capacity to adjust Horizontally and/or Vertically, it makes the design aspect a breeze.


Adjustable Height Versatility

By selecting an Adjustable Height Backdrop you'll be able to choose a package that best meets your height requirements. Ranging from 6' tall and upwards to 14' tall, the sky is the limit for your design possibilities.

We also offer an affordable Fixed Height Wedding Backdrop Package for those that aren't in need of various height options. The Fixed Height Backdrop is set to be 8' tall.

Double Up The Elegance

If you are looking for a grandiose Wedding Backdrop, we would recommend using the Double Layer Sheer Wedding Backdrop. This Wedding Backdrop offers another level of creative charm. By simply using 3'' or 9'' valance hangers, an additional drape support and drapes, you add a second layer to the Wedding Backdrop creating a breathtaking presentation.