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From a gorgeous wedding canopy to a portable photo booth for a company party, pipe and drape packages are a great way to create memories during all kinds of events. EventStable is proud to offer a huge selection of pipe and drape back drops that can be used in trade show booths for industry professionals as easily as backdrops for sporting events, making them a versatile addition to your rental portfolio.

With multiple colors, styles, and all the pipe and drape accessories that you’ll ever need, it’s never been a better time to invest in your rental and event inventory by adding some pipe and drape kits to your wholesale order with EventStable.

Not only do we provide competitive pricing on all backdrops for weddings, we also offer free shipping on qualifying orders, helping to boost your budget and meet your bottom line.

However you choose to use your pipe and drape combination, you won’t find a better selection of high-quality trade show booth kits and wedding canopies than at EventStable.

Shop our selection of back drops today and offer your customers the chance to capture special moments during their events!

*Please Note: All Pipe and Drape Kits take 3-5 business days to process. All Drape sales are final.

Pipe and Drape Packages

Photo booth packages are an amazing addition to any serious rental company or event venue’s inventory.

Even if you’re not planning on offering pipe and drape package rentals, plenty of businesses like churches, photographers, offices, and schools often find that having back drops on hand for their own use is extremely convenient and much more cost-effective than renting them over and over again.

And if you are looking to add pipe and drape kits to your rental stock, we offer plenty of options that are commercial-grade and party-tested.

EventStable offers multiple pipe and drape package options to choose from, some of which include trade show booth kitsportable photo booth packages, our popular photo booth in a bag, and more!

Come and explore the pipe and drape packages that we offer to find your perfect portable back drop today.

Pipe and Drape Kits

Not all pipe and drape draping is created equal. For instance, the affordable and versatile banjo drape is often used for trade show booths at conventions, while the easy-to-clean poly premier drape is our best-selling faux linen option that’s perfect in backdrops for weddings.

If you need a full blackout back drop, you can’t beat our performance velour drape that comes in a variety of colors, including black, midnight blue, royal blue, burgundy, and more.

From sheer wedding canopies to frame the bride and groom during the ceremony to photographic back drops for sporting events like post-game interviews and press conferences, it’s never been easier to find the perfect pipe and drape kits for your specific needs than at EventStable.

Pipe and Drape Carts

While a simple wedding arch might not be too cumbersome to move from your storage space to the event, add the necessary accessories to build it and you’ll want a pipe and drape cart to make your life much easier.

Transporting pipe and drape kits to and from parties like conferences or corporate events means you have a tight schedule to keep, so if you want to tear down your trade show booths or portable photo booth in the allotted time, a dolly cart is the key to success. 

Uprights & Drape Supports

Pipe and drape uprights and drape supports are key elements to consider when investing in pipe and drape packages.

These durable accessories help your pipe and drape backdrops stand out from other trade show booths and keeps them looking crisp and wrinkle-free when used as wedding canopy, ensuring high-quality backdrops in photos.

Plus, they’re easy to set up and are crucial pieces to have on-hand when constructing photo booths or any other pipe and drape kits.

From fixed drape supports and adjustable pipe and drape kits to the easy assembly upright extension, EventStable has all of the pipe and drape supports and uprights that a party rental company will ever need.

Orders over $99 may qualify for special shipping offers as well, so add some uprights for back drops and support accessories for your trade show booth kits today and rest assured in the fact that you are ready for anything.

Pipe and Drape Bases & Accessories

When constructing standalone pipe and drape back drops or trade show booth kits, you’ll need pipe and drape bases to keep your back drops firmly secured on the ground without sacrificing mobility and teardown time. Choose between rubber (available in 20 lb. and 30 lb. weights) or powder coated bases for pipe and drapes (available in both 1.5” and 2” upright sizes). For heavy-duty projects, try the slip fit base that comes in two sizes for your specifications and needs. EventStable also offers all of the necessary accessories for pipe and drape kits, including sign hooks, tote bags, clamps, and anything else you may need for constructing wedding canopies or photo booth packages. These handy accessories are key to have on hand at trade show booths for hanging signage over your pipe and drape packages as well as during formal events, like attaching garlands of flowers across a wedding arch or wedding canopy. Whatever you use pipe and drape for, make sure you have the proper accessories to save time and money.

Pipe and Drape Themes

If you’re not sure where to start when purchasing pipe and drape packages, it’s best to shop by theme to ensure you acquire all of the necessary components. For example, if you’re looking for backdrops for weddings, EventStable has already compiled the best-selling industry favorites so you don’t need to sort through items you won’t need, such as trade show booth kits or back drops for sporting events. Alternately, if you need to put together trade show booths, we’ve put together the top selections favored by industry experts to make your search easier. Our popular wedding canopy and wedding arches are also top sellers, making the obvious high-quality choice for those looking to buy upscale pipe and drape back drops. From wholesale rental companies to individuals who just need a portable photo booth for a backyard event, EventStable is the #1 choice. When it comes to themed pipe and drape kits, you can’t beat our quality and prices, so shop our themed back drops and photo booth packages today and experience the EventStable difference.

Buy Pipe and Drape Back Drops from EventStable.com

When you need quality that you can rely on, EventStable the top choice of rental experts, venues, wedding photographers, caterers and other industry insiders who have benefitted from our selection of pipe and drape packages. By offering handpicked back drops for professional and personal use, it’s never been a better time to peruse our trade show booths, photo booth packages, backdrops for weddings, and other pipe and drapes for whatever your needs are. Plus, EventStable offers wholesale pricing, quantity discounts, and even free shipping on lots of orders. No matter if you need to pick up a wedding arch for a one-time use or you’re looking to add to your collection of rental pipe and drape back drops, EventStable can help. Our party-tested guarantee means that if you’re not satisfied, we will do what we can to make it right. From trade show booth kits to wedding canopies, we have it all and more. Check out our pipe and drape kits today and see what EventStable has in store for your events.

Why Choose Pipe and Drape?

Pipe and drape is easy to use, cost effective, looks great and will transform any space. 
Pipe and drape back drops, photo booths, trade show booths and wedding canopies are our specialty. 
Consisting of steel bases, aluminum polls and fabric drapes, the easy setup requires no special skills. In minutes you will have a temporary structure consisting of trade show pipe and drape that can be easily moved or taken down. 
Pipe and drape will transform any room. Use to create a more intimate space in a large room when hosting a small group or transform the ambiance of the space by aligning the walls with pipe and drape. Choose from a large selection of colors and textures to brighten up your event. 
We have clients all over the nation that use our pipe and drape. See below a detailed list of how our customers use their pipe and drape.
Wedding Venues: use back drops behind a head table, cloth by the roll for ceiling swag, wedding canopy for ceremony decor
Colleges or Schools: use back drops for sporting events, portable photo booth at class reunions, booth packages for special school functions 
Convention Centers: use back to back booth packages, or In-line booth packages to create eye catching booths at trade shows
Caterers: use back drops to create private staging areas
Wedding/Event Coordinators: use pipe and drape for decor; cloth by the roll for draping, ceiling swag, wedding canopy for ceremonies or to display the wedding cake under
Photographers: use portable photo booth to add excitement at events or back drop for photo shoots
Place of Worship: use a variance of pipe and drape for ceremonies and performances
Businesses: use to brand their business by printing company logo on a backdrop or incorporate company colors where ever they are located.
Press Conferences: use back drops for political speeches, post-game sports interviews, etc.