Gold Bella Braid Chairs

If you're looking for an elegant yet versatile steel stacking chair that compliment just about any venue and outperforms the rest, then you're in good hands with our Bella Braid by Chameleon Chair.

Specifically engineered for maximum comfort as well as style, Chameleon Chair's unique metallic back and frame are just the beginning when it comes to combining durability with cultivated sophistication.

The Bella Braid's intertwining back design makes for a one of a kind dining experience chair will leave you confident that you're not sacrificing performance for whimsical flair.

What really sets every seating option from the Bella Braid Chameleon Chair Collection is the freedom of choice. As a customer of Chameleon Chair, you get to choose frame color, cushion color, fabric and pattern.

When you buy Chameleon Chairs from EventStable, you can be assured that you won't be dealing with another faceless online business. Our expert sales and customer service representatives have hands on experience with all of our event equipment and feel a true ownership over our products. If the customer isn't happy, we're not happy, and we're always eager to make it right.

Give us a call today and ask about our custom quoting program so we can outfit your venue with the best commercial-grade tables and chairs in the industry!