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When it comes to chairs for events, they have to either fold or stack to save space and be easy to move around. Stacking chairs come in a variety of styles suitable for any special event, concert, dinner, or church gathering.

EventStable offers one of the largest selections of commercial-grade stack chairs available, with free shipping on most stacking chairs orders of 50 chairs or more.

We also include special wholesale pricing when if you decide to purchase your stacking chairs in bulk, so you can outfit your entire venue in a couple clicks and save some money along the way.

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If you own an event venue or party rental company with a customer base that celebrates anything a little more formal than a high school graduation, you're most likely going to need to add stacking chairs to your inventory. At EventStable, we offer commercial-grade stacking chairs in all shapes and sizes. 

Take the classic Chiavari Chair for example, a true wedding staple that has maintained its presence on the special event stage for generations. Choose between wood, resin, or aluminum material for your chairs in a wide selection of color schemes and you'll always receive a free cushion for each chair with your purchase. 

Chiavari Chairs 

Chiavari chairs are the quintessential stack chair for special events. No chair is more elegant, and few chairs are better suited for storage and transport while commanding a high rental rate. Chances are that if you've ever been to a wedding, you've sat in one of these timeless classic seating options.

At EventStable, we specialize in these chairs. You'll find several different kinds of chiavari chairs in different materials. 

Wooden Chiavari Chairs are of course the classic, and available in the most colors. It's hard to beat wood for warmth and beauty and harder to beat 1000 lb. weight capacity. Each chair is designed and tested to be commercial-grade for party rental, hotel, weddings and event venues. 

Resin Chiavari Chairs are a more modern innovation, adding extreme durability and added stabiliity to the timeless chiavari aesthetic. Available in all the same colors as the wood variation, Resin Chiavari Chairs are lighter than their wooden predecessor and tougher, meaning less maintenance and overall care is required. Party rental companies should take note. 

Aluminum Chiavari Chairs add another twist of innovation, combining light weight with supreme stackbility. You can pile Aluminum Chiavari Chairs as high as 10, saving you about 45% storage space when compared to wood or resin chiavari chairs. 

Cross Back Chairs

Some may have thought stackable Cross Back Chairs we're just a fad in the event world but they have proven to be anything but a flash in the pan.

Popularized in the last several years by the rise of the barn wedding, these rustic chairs have become a must-have for venues, rental companies and anybody with an eye for a more minimalist approach. 

At EventStable, we're able to offer a large variety of X-Back Chairs in an array of color options, with each chair owning it its own unique appearance.

Outfit your venue or winery with high-quality, high-value wooden cross back chairs like the Vineyard Estate and Farmhouse lines, as well as our Resin Cross Back Chairs that combine the warm, wooden look with durable, commercial grade performance.

If you like what you see, you're going to want cushions for your Cross Back Chairs as well as stacking chair dollies to move them around from venue to venue.

We also offer product bundles that are always sold at a discounted price so you can save some money while also saving time so you can fill your inventory with all your cross back needs in a couple clicks of the mouse. 

Metal Stacking Chairs

Along with the rise of rustic tables and chairs, there has been an equally large boost in popularity for industrial style furniture. With that, a larger demand for Metal Stacking Chairs.

Easy to stack and built to last for busy event seasons, our variety of metal seating options includes our own "tolix-style" Titan Series Industrial Metal Chairs and Bar Stools, as well as a more elegent selection in our Alexa, Emma, and Ava Metal Dining Chairs.

Both chairs are constructed of steel and suitable for a variety of events and locations, from an upscale wedding to a casual restaurant or office space. 

Another common thread between them is they're all available at wholesale costs when you buy in bulk or submit a quote through our website!

Banquet Chairs

Not every gathering demands the formal seating of a Chiavari Chair and not every venue fits with the rustic Cross Back Chair look.

Hotels, conference centers, banquet halls, churches, and even schools have long depended on the standard Banquet Chair. 

Not only do our stacking Banquet Chairs stand up to your expections, they're all built with the same 18 gauge steel frame and professional grade upholsterly to provide maxium comfort and performance for you and your guests. 

With a variety of quick-ship banquet chairs to choose from, you can count on EventStable to supply you with the chairs you need, at the time you need them. 

Stacking Chairs and Tables Wholesale

Venue owners and party rental company owners alike know it's tough to put on a great event when you only have chairs in your inventory. If there are going to be food and drinks served then your guests are going to need tables, and you're going to find the best deal possible when purchasing new tables and chairs.

Luckily, that's where our stacking chair product bundles come in. Whether it's a backyard party or wedding, we have a package deal designed to fulfill all your event furniture needs and always at a discount with free shipping included. 

Our experts aren't short on advice either, so don't hesitate to call or submit a question through our website so we can better serve your needs!