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Our VersaFloor portable dance floor tiles are built to accommodate interchangeable inserts in every panel. Simply remove the clear acrylic sheet, lay down any appropriately sized insert into the panel, then slide the top back over it creating a sturdy dancing surface while displaying your design or image. We also provide a selection of standard inserts available in three patterns: Hyper Plaid, Rainbow Sheen, and Silver Lens. These inserts create a dance floor that is fun, stylish, and sleek for any occasion.


  • Durable, clear acrylic top allows your custom designs and images to be featured in the floor itself.
  • Great for themed parties, corporate events, sponsored occasions, or any time you want your dance floor to really stand out.
  • Active connection system prevents panels from pulling apart up, down, or sideways.
  • Hologram inserts give the appearance of a lit dance floor without the expense.