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Resin Folding Chairs

Wholesale Resin Folding Chairs might be the perfect event chair. With a padded seat and frame that looks like a wood folding chair, these chairs are stronger and easier to maintain than wood. They feature a design that makes the chairs nest when folded and stacked so they won't slide off each other, making transportation a breeze.

Free Shipping:  Order 50 or more of any of our resin folding chairs and get free shipping.  Or, combine with banquet tables and get free shipping on orders of $2000 or more.  

Resin folding chairs are most commonly used by rental companies and event venues as chairs for weddings, but with our wide selection of colors we're sure you'll find the padded resin chair for any application you have.  An upgrade to less expensive plastic chairs, resin chairs command more of a rental rate and because of the ease of cleaning and maintenance will provide a solid return on investment.  

Padded garden chairs can be used for much more than just weddings.  You'll see these chairs in concert venues, at wineries or private estates.  White resin folding chairs are great for outdoor wedding ceremonies, but can also be used for backyard parties and other events.  Check out our Max beige and Max gray resin folding chairs to match your venue.  

Our resin folding chairs have a 1/2'' thick padded seat that snaps into place inside the seat frame.  The seat pad can be easily removed for cleaning or repair if necessary.  Also check out our resin folding chairs with a slatted seat if you want to avoid the seat pad altogether.  

Need a quote to buy resin folding chairs in bulk?  We're happy to help.  And if you're not sure whether wholesale resin folding chairs are the answer, make sure you read our Ultimate Folding Chairs Buyer's Guide for more in depth information.