Write for EventStable

EventStable has become one of the leading online destinations for event venues and party rental companies to load up on equipment.

However, we have a problem. We don’t just want to be another table and chair supplier.
We actually wish to help our customers, and to become a helpful resource for them.

Our Audience


EventStable customers are often new businesses, or even established businesses expanding into venue or party rentals. Many times they are looking for more information on the products they bought or are planning to buy (“How much room is this stuff going to take up?”). Other times they want specific, targeted information about how to grow (“How to Use Instagram Advertising to Promote Your Wedding Venue”).

Our mission is to help our customers be more successful. Let’s be honest: if they grow, we grow!

Audience Chart - Half Venues and Half Party Rentals

What We Are Looking For

We are looking for creative individuals, with solid knowledge and experience in the special events industry, who want to get out in front of our audience with genuinely helpful advice and information.

Once you’ve created a great, unique piece to serve our EventStable readers, we’ll promote the heck out of it on our email list of over 15k readers, and growing Facebook and Instagram following.

Interested? Great!


What to Write About

You’re an expert in the events business; what would you want to read?

Some of the best content on our blog answers customer questions. Stuff like “What’s the Average Size of a Banquet Table?” and “How much room is this stuff going to take up?”. Other helpful posts have been directed at the day-to-day activities of running an event business, like “6 Google Adwords Expert Tips for Your Party Rental Company”.

Overall, EventStable is a place where event companies can buy chairs, tables, and more, so your interesting take on event equipment and running an event company is what we’re looking for.


In order to best answer customer questions and comprehensively cover a subject, we ask that posts be between 1000-2000 words.

Original Content

Submitted posts must be 100% original and unique to EventStable. Please, no repurposing your own previously published content and absolutely no plagiarism. Please properly attribute any outside sources of information.


Published posts are owned by EventStable. We reserve the right to edit content at any time.

Grammar and Errors

We weren’t English majors here, so no page is perfect. We’re not looking for Oxford-perfect English here. Just a casual, conversational-style with a fun voice.

That said, please do your best to avoid blatant your, you’re mistakes and we’ll be fine. Also, let’s keep the information accurate and honest, with no false claims.


Content should include at least two outbound links. One to external, high-quality, trusted sites that will genuinely provide value to the reader, and a relevant link back to EventStable.

Great Headlines

We’re going to promote your content like Don King, so make sure your headlines are awesome. Include keywords, use numbers, ask questions, make promises, and add calls to action.

No Advertising

We’re ok with a link back to your company page if it is relevant to the content, but no blatant advertising please. The content should seem natural and helpful, not link a transcript of a late-night infomercial.


Photographs are great and make for a better reading experience. Please include a large main image (1600 px wide) as well as one or two supplementary images within the content. You may use any images you took, or from sites that release the license, like Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay.

Shutterstock - we have a Shutterstock account so if you want to include an image let us know upon submit and we’ll pull it down.


Please submit your post via Google Docs or Microsoft Word. We will post it for you and alert you when the post is live. If edits are necessary, we will work it out with you.