Wood Folding Banquet Tables

Plywood Folding Banquet Tables from EventStable.com

Wood folding banquet tables

are a staple among party rental companies, hotels and event venues. Professionals tend to prefer wood folding tables over plastic tables because they're easy to repair if necessary, easy to find linens and skirting for, and they're available in a large variety of shapes and sizes.

Commercial-grade wood folding tables from EventStable feature bolt-through leg assembly (meaning you’ll see the flush-mount bolts on the top of the table), as well as thick gauge steel folding legs that will ensure years of use and a solid return on your investment.

EventStable is proud to offer one of the largest variety of sizes and shapes available, so you can offer your clients or guests creative event layouts and quality banquet table

Why We Know Wood Folding Tables

We've used these specific EventStable brand tables for years in our own party rental company. We rented all the basics - round wood tables, 8' banquets, cocktail tables, square banquet tables and wide banquet tables, like "wide", queen and king banquet tables. And keep in mind we weren’t just selling these tables - we've rented them out, moved them around, and had to maintain them over time. So we can tell you first-hand, our wood banquet tables are going to perform.

The tabletops are made from 3/4'' plywood, with pvc, bullnose t-channel edging. Through the tabletops you will see flush-mount bolts that on the other side secure the legs to the table. Bolt-through assembly, it is called, is far superior to simply attaching the legs to the tables by screwing into the underside of the table. The result is a stronger, more resilient table. Adding to the strength are 18 gauge steel, wishbone style legs with boss-and-mate locking mechanisms.

 Round Wood Folding Banquet Tables 

Round tables are a classic shape for intimate events, because guests can all see each other and the shape promotes conversation. Here at EventStable, you’ll find we have round wooden folding tables from 30'' round all the way up to 72'' round folding tables.

Need a round table bigger than that? Well, we don't sell them, but we have some creative ideas for combining tables and making a single massive table.

Like all of our wood banquet tables, rounds have vinyl edging which is better than metal edging when you're going to be rolling the tables around your venue or onto and off of a delivery truck. The vinyl won't dent or make a sharp edge (which could tear your linens) when rolled over a rough service. Not to mention, it's easy to maintain down the road, saving some bucks in your pocket.

Rectangular Wood Folding Banquet Tables 

Rectangular banquet tables are sometimes just called “banquet tables”. We sell banquet tables in sizes from 6' long to 8' long, at 30'' widths and up to 48'' wide, otherwise known as "King" tables.

No matter the size, all wooden folding tables from EventStable feature the same solid, professional-grade wishbone legs built from 16-gauge steel to support even the largest table options for increasingly popular family-style service.

Need a rectangle table option that's concious of space?

For special events as well as training scenarios, we offer 18 inch wide conference tables in six and eight foot lengths. These especially come in handy for classrooms or even thin serving stations.

If you're interested in buying folding tables in bulk, look no further than our popular Folding Table Bundles that feature free shipping, carts and your choice of linens.

Square Banquet Tables 

Squares are an interesting alternative at events to rounds.

Most guests seated at a square table can see each other, thus promoting conversation and a rocking party, but they also break up the monotony of rounds.

Not only that, but rental companies can charge more for them, so these sizes can be an extremely profitable item in your inventory.

You can even consider buying and using round and square tables at your next event, to spice things up even more.

Remember that free shipping applies to order of 10+ tables of the same kind, so you can easily get 10 of each round and square tables and score a free shipping deal!

Specialty Shapes and Sizes of Wood Folding Tables

If you really want to get creative at your event venue, or want to have a variety of tables at your rental company, make sure you don’t skip over specialty shapes.

At EventStable, this means serpentine tables, bar tops, serving tops, half rounds, and more.

Event planners can get creative with these sizes, mixing them up with standard rounds and banquet tables for interesting event layouts.

You can add half round tables to the ends of banquet tables for a rounded edge, or even put serpentine tables around a raised round table for a large service station. The possibilities are endless, but for some cool ideas make sure to check out our banquet configurations guide for more ideas.

Don’t forget to check out our serpentine bar sets for a cost-effective and convenient bar set up, or serving tops for multi-level buffet serving.

Get Free Shipping on Wood Folding Tables

If you’re looking to buy wood folding tables in quantities of 10 or more, you’re in luck. We offer free shipping on table orders if you order 10 or more of the same table. Not only that, but free shipping will apply to orders of folding tables and chairs totaling over $5000. Now, certain restrictions apply and this deal doesn’t apply to all tables and chairs, but look out for the $5000 Free Shipping icon on each product that qualifies.