Tent Tag FAQ's

What exactly are Tent Tags?

Tent Tags are tent top identification tags that attach permanently to the tent top itself, not the bag. They utilize a system to identify the width, length, top type, grade, and more, for each tent top in your inventory.

Why would I need Tent Tags?

Have you ever gone to install a tent, and when you got there one of the pieces was incorrect? ''But the bag said it was…''. Never again.

Stop wasting trips back to the shop to get the right top. Tent Tags pay for themselves in no time, between faster identification of tent tops, not having to remove and roll them out to see what they are, and eliminating extra trips to get the right one.

Contents of a 50 Tent Tag Package

What is included in an order?

Each order of Tent Tags includes customized tent tags, 4’ of wire for each tag (in a roll), and 2 swage sleeves to crimp around the wire. Need a tool to do the crimping? We sell that too. Swage tool

What are the specifications of each component?

Tent Tags - each tag is 2’’ wide x 3’’ tall. It is made from microsurfaced (color), white, 1/16’’ thick modified acrylic. It has rounded edges and a precut hole.

Wire - included in every order. 3/64’’ steel wire that is white, vinyl coated. (White to match your tops)

You get 4’ of wire for each tag. The wire comes in a roll, so you can decide how much wire each tent top needs (smaller tents may need less than larger tops).

Swage sleeve - 1/16’’ aluminum sleeves.

Tent Tags can be drilled for easy permanent marking

How do the tags attach to my tent tops?

Cut the length of wire you think you’ll need, and pick an area on the tent top to install the tag. Most people choose a corner of the tent. The important part is to choose a place where you can still leave the tag hanging out of the bag when it is folded and rolled.

Secure your Tent tags with the wire and Swage Sleeves using a Swage Tool

Put one end of the wire through your swage sleeve, and then loop the wire through a buckle, webbing, or sidewall rope. Put the end of the wire back through the swage sleeve and crimp. Do the same thing around your tent tag. Then, drill a hole through the tag on the corresponding size and top circles, and you’re done.

I want to order 192 tags, but 4 different color tags. Do I get the 192+ price?

Yes. Because we have created and sent one design to the machine, we can easily put in multiple colors to be engraved. Think t-shirts - if you order one design, you can always get different color and sized shirts without paying extra.

OK, I want 4 different designs. Can I still get the 192+ price?

Unfortunately, no. Each new design needs to be generated and sent to the machine separately. Again, it’s like with t-shirts. The scale and ability to discount comes from one big run.

I don’t want to design our own tags. Do you have any ready to go?

We do. Choose from a handful of our pre-designed templates and just add your logo and/or phone number, or even make adjustments to existing templates.

Can we do a QR code?

Yes. If it’s the same QR code on each tag, that is no problem. However, to do a unique code on each tag, there will be an upcharge that needs to be quoted individually.

Can we do a bar code?

Same story as the QR codes.

What does the back of the tag look like?

The back side is white, which matches most tent tops. Along with white wire we think it looks pretty seamless when your tent is installed. The back side has a slight sheen.

Tent Tags in use at Tents Unlimited

Do I have to change the way I store my tent tops?

Absolutely not. In fact, adding Tent Tags to your tops will only make warehousing more efficient. As long as your crew rolls up the tops and leaves the tags hanging outside of the bags, it is quick and easy to identify your tops going forward.