Tent Tags

No more mislabeled tent bags. No more wasted trips.

Solve your tent top inventory headaches with Tent Tags, exclusively from EventStable.

Tent Tags are customized, tent top identification tags that permanently attach to your tent tops. Never wonder which top is in the bag again.

Like Details?
Tent Tag FAQ

Need inspiration?
Tent Tag Portfolio

Quick Visual ID with Color.

Tent tags are available in a wide variety of colors to help you color-code your inventory, for quick and error-free identification.

Your Inventory. Your Custom Tags.

Choose from one of our pre-designed layouts, or customize your tags to match your inventory.

Receive, Install, Worry Less.

Your order of Tent Tags includes everything you need to start labeling your tops right away. What’s included?

Once installed, rest assured that the tag matches the top - and stop making wasted trips back to the shop for the right piece.

Not Sure Where to Start?

Need a custom design for each tent style? Or will one design work for your whole stock?

See what others have done - Tent Tag Portfolio

Get all the details - Tent Tag FAQ

Tent Tags pay for themselves. Reduce mistakes, become more efficient, and label your tent inventory once and for all, with Tent Tags.