Tent Tags

Buy Custom Tent Identification Tags from EventStable.com

Exclusively from EventStable, Tent Tags are tent top identification tags that solve a huge problem in the tent rental industry.

You know the problem - mislabeled tent bags. Are you sure that what the tent bag says is accurate?

Tent Tags solves this problem once and for all. Gone are the days of arriving at the the install site with the wrong components.

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Our Tent Tags are available in a variety of colors.

Tent Tags are fully customizable identification tags for every tent top in your inventory. Made from tough exterior grade plastic, they are permanently engraved with your custom information.

Available in 8 colors, choose a color that best matches your company theme, or select colors to mean different things for your inventory. And by the way, you can get quantity discounts using the same design but with multiple colors. Check out our Tent Tag FAQ for more info.

Choose from one of our pre-designed templates and add your logo and/or phone number -or- design your tags from scratch, either online or with our downloadable excel file.

Your order of Tent Tags includes everything you will need to properly label your tents. You’ll get a custom tag, 4’ of white, vinyl-coated wire for each tag (shipped to you in a roll so you can customize your own length for each piece), and 2 swage sleeves. Here’s a sample order of 50 tags ---->

Add a swaging tool to your order for half price with any order of Tent Tags.

Best of all, all Tent Tag orders qualify for FREE SHIPPING within the 48 states.

50 Tags with 200 feet of wire and 100 swage sleeves


When your Tent Tags arrive, just mark each one as you install it on your tent top, with either a permanent marker or drill through the tag with a ⅛'' drill bit.

Use our swaging tool or some heavy pliers to crimp the wire in the swage sleeve. The next time the tent is installed, tuck the tag away behind the sidewall rope or sew right into the seams of a sectional tent.


Tent Tag can hang outside of the tent bag for quick and easy identification.

When it's time to tear the tent down, fold it up leaving the Tent Tag hanging outside of the tent bag for quick and easy identification next time. You can even attach your own ''ready to rent'' tag after the next wash.

Tent Tags in use by our friends at Tents Unlimited

How many times have you or your crew had to drive back to the shop because someone pulled the wrong size top? All while the rest of the crew sits at the install site with nothing to do, waiting for that one piece.

Tent Tags pay for themselves. No more driving back to the shop to get the right tent section while the crew sits and does nothing waiting for you to return. Reduce mistakes, become more efficient, and label your tent inventory once and for all, with Tent Tags.

Check out our Tent Tags Portfolio, to see what other customers have done.