Tent Tag Portfolio

McVey Tent & Expo Designs

Mr. Pete McVey did his two designs in 5 different colors each, for quick visual ID.

McVey Tent Tag Designs for Frame and Pole Tents
McVey Tent Tags - 2 Designs in 5 Colors

McVey’s two designs - pole and frame tents. Notice the three dots at the bottom. They serve as the grading system (we’ve since adopted this method on our pre-configured Tent Tags). Drill through one hole for a new, A-grade (wedding grade) tent, and continue to drill holes as the tent tops age. This way no one knows they got a C-grade tent!

Michael’s Party Rentals

Michael’s Party Rentals had a whole lot of fun with their designs. Each color represents a different line within their inventory. Again, helpful for quick visual ID to know you’re picking tops in the right section.

Michael’s Party Rentals - A Tent Tag Design for Each Line

Then, they utilized the matrix system to further identify the tops.

Nolan’s Rental Inc.

Nolan’s Rental again opted for a color to represent an entire style of tenting, i.e. all the light blue tags are for Anchor 1 pc Fiesta tops.

Tent Tags for Nolan's Rental

They wanted to further identify each tent top with their own code, so we engraved a square on each tag for that code, which is marked with permanent marker. This left the back side of the tag pure white, for easy concealment when the tent is installed.

R&R Party Rentals

R&R Party Rentals expanded on the color coding by style method, as well as an engraved square for writing on the tags. They also wanted to tag their sidewall inventory, so we created a smaller tag with basic information especially for sidewalls. These tags are half the normal size, and come with less wire.

R&R Party Rentals Tent Tags and Sidewall Tags

Rental City

Rental City made a few modifications to our existing sailcloth and basic tent tag designs, making it their own. Their logo really worked great with the placement of the hole in each tag.

Rental City Basic and Sailcloth Tent Tags

ABC Rentals

ABC Rentals was able to use our “basic” tent tag design, utilizing the new 3-dot grading format. They went with 7 colors (the grey tags were on break), we presume to help identify tops quickly by width.

ABC Rentals Tent Tags

A Classic Party Rental

A Classic Party Rental kept it simple with the colors, using light blue and the super sharp navy blue for the bulk of their tags. They broke down their tagging needs into 3 categories of widths.

Epic Event Rental

Epic Event Rental in Minnesota went totally custom and we love it. They designed their tags from scratch, using their own fonts! We thought they turned out great.

Epic Event Rental Tent Tags

Pranzi Rentals

Pranzi Rentals’ order getting ready for shipment. Really dig that logo.

Tent Tags for Pranzi Rentals

Special Occasion Rentals

Special Occasion Rentals in MA modified one of our pre-configured designs to fit their needs. We modified their logo to fit the tag. This was also the first purple tag we made!

Special Occasion Rentals

Able Smith Tent

Able Smith Tent in New York did a custom design, including their logo and phone number on the tag. Hey, each tag can be a marketing opportunity!

In addition to our standard matrix, they wanted to include the year of manufacture for each tent top. Not only that, but to disguise the grading system, the A, B, and C are under the heading ''Brand'', to throw off any savvy clients.

All Event Party Rental

All Event Party Rental in PA found that a quick modification on our basic tag did the trick, but we really liked seeing the ape on the tags. It’s a shame we’re limited to one color on these tags, because that logo is pretty cool.

Partytime Rentals

Partytime Rentals took some inspiration from the ''McVey Way'', but basically designed their tags from scratch, using as much information as they could fit into the 2’’x3’’ layout. Color-coding into pole and frame tents, their tags include a large variety of sizes and top types, as well as in indication of who manufactured the specific top. Great idea!

Special Occasions

Special Occasions in Oregon used their own internal design talent to provide us with a ready-to-go tag layout, using their own fonts and information. We think it looks killer!

Their tent tags include a square for individual information, as well as a matrix of sizes and hidden grading system.

They also did a custom sidewall tag that covers each wall in their stock. Great looking tags!

Cooke Rentals

Cooke Rentals in NC took some inspiration from the McVey Way, and customized their own tags for their inventory.

Majestic Tents

Majestic Tents in MN went with a color-coded Pole Tent and a Frame Tent design, which included the three dot grading system.

Prestige Event Rental

Prestige Event Rental in OH found a way to include a lot of information for their tags, which kept it to one design but color coded. It’s a great way to save money, as quantity discounts apply for multiple colors on a single design. These tags do it all, complete with grading and a notes box.


Your Event Party Rental

Your Event Party Rental in MI did something unique...they requested oversized tags. On the right is our standard 2’’x3’’ tag, with Your Event’s 2.4’’x4’’ tags on the left. This gives them more room to write unique notes at the bottom, and also makes the tags very easy to spot from far away. They also took advantage of multiple colors for quick identification.

Pelican Tents & Events

We love a good logo. Pelican Tents & Events in Shreveport, LA went with a classy gray, customized tag that showcased their logo. Love it!

PEAK Event Services

PEAK Event Services, formerly Peterson Party Center, in Massachusetts, forced us out of our comfort zone, and we love them for it. They wanted a unique serial number on each one of their tags (and it was quite a few). Not wanting to disappoint, we learned how to do it and were happy to deliver a solid product as requested. Best part is that now we can offer this service to anyone going forward!