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Plastic Folding Table Packages

If wood folding tables aren’t your speed, EventStable offers packages of our Commercial-grade TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Tables. These plastic folding tables have become the industry standard for party rental companies and event professionals alike.

If you're looking to update your inventory or open a venue, our Titan Series plastic folding tables are also available in bulk. Plastic folding table packages come in quantities 10 and 20 along with our TitanPRO™ Banquet Table Cart. 

Wood Folding Table Packages

Nothing beats the durability and sustainability of wood folding tables. EventStable offers the standard Titan Series™commercial-grade plywood folding tables in quantities of 10 along with our TitanPRO™ Banquet Table Cart for easy transportation and storage. 

Take your inventory of wood folding tables to the next level with our TitanPRO™ Heavy Duty Birchwood Folding Banquet Tables. These wholesale wood folding tables are built with durable aluminum edging and are available in quantities of 10 along with our Universal Table Cart.

Cocktail Table Packages

Nobody wants to sit around all day and night so when your guests want to engage in conversation and socialize, our cocktail table bundles are the perfect inventory addition to let that happen.

EventStable offers cocktail table packages in popular sizes 24”, 30” and 36” along with our Cocktail Table Dolly for easy storage and transportation.

This is a great bundle for any wedding venue, hotel, conventional center, banquet hall or any company in the business of socializing. 

Chair and Folding Table Packages

If you’re looking to add folding chairs, our most popular bundles are our Outdoor Wedding Bundle and Backyard Party Bundle featuring our best wholesale folding tables and chairs.

If you aren’t looking for folding tables in large quantities, our brand new Card Table Set that includes our Titan Series Vinyl Padded Card Table and durable Titan Series Metal Folding Chairs is a great option!