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If you're going to be food and/or drinks, it's safe to say that you're going to need durable, commercial-grade tables for your customers and guests.

Whether it's a bustling wine bar or patio oasis that requires durable indoor and outdoor furniture, we sell a wide variety of dining tables that will suit just about any need when it comes to the restaurant business. 

Best of all, aside from the industry leading materials used in all of our tables, you'll always receive wholesale pricing and free shipping deals when you shop and buy from EventStable!

Wholesale Restaurant Tables

A restaurant can have an excellent location and beautiful decor but without tables, it's just a room that customers come to eat in. 

With the right dining tables, you're not just offering a meal, you're putting it all together and offering a full experience that will hopefully entice your guests to return again and again. 

That's why buying the correct restaurant tables is so important. Size, height, and materials are just a few key aspects you need to think about before making that final purchase.

Luckily, our team here at EventStable will be able to help you choose the best quality tables for your restaurant space. 

Looking for a modern banquet table with long lasting durability built in? Check out this Metal Table with Rustic Wood Top.

We know diners and restaurant owners alike love taking their meal outside once the weathers starts to turn warmer. That's we have an entire page dedicated to indoor and outdoor tables!

If you're interested in a happy medium of stronger than wood but not quite metal, our cocktail tables with laminate tops are the way to go. They boast a warm and inviting look while also built to last with lessmaintenance required.

Buy Restaurant Table Sets & Accessories at EventStable

We know choosing the right tables can be time consuming and then having to search for those perfect chairs to partner with them is a whole other daunting task.

So instead, you can just shop our ready to ship chair and table sets.

We put together some of our most popular dining and seating options together so you can simply click, buy and serve your guests in a matter of days!

To go with the tables, chairs and hopefully consistent stream of customer are our Restaurant Carts, Patio Heaters, and Market Umbrellas - all designed to enhance the experience of you and your guests.