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Plywood Folding Tables

Plywood folding tables are a staple in just about every serious party rental company, hotel, or event venue.  Plywood tables are preferred in many environments for several reasons, including the availability of commercial-grade materials, a surface that under a tablecloth feels solid, easier maintenance over the long term, and a wider variety of sizes than some other types of folding tables.  

Commercial-grade plywood folding tables for sale at feature everything you need in a banquet table - 3/4'' plywood tops with bolt-through contruction, UV protecting polyurethane coating on top and bottom, and boss-and-mate locking wishbone-style legs.  Choose from our plywood tables with vinyl, bull-nosed edging or our heavy duty birchwood tables that feature an aluminum c-channel edge preferred by many institutions across the country.  

Sizes of Plywood Banquet Tables

You'll find that there is a wider variety of sizes, here at EventStable and in the market as a whole, of plywood tables than there are other materials.  This is easy to explain, and really is a benefit to our customers.  The reason is that plywood as a material is easy to mill and shape into rounds, serpentines, or whatever.  Plastic tables require an expensive mold before the first table is produced, so sizes are generally more limited.

Sizes of Plywood Folding Tables


Any business operating in the special event space can benefit from having plywood folding tables in inventory.  Naturally operations like party and tent rental companies require the largest quantity of each size and shape, in the widest variety possible so they can anticipate each client's unique needs.  Don't forget about event venues, hotels, places of worship, schools, convention centers, golf clubs, restaurants - the list goes on and on.  Each of these businesses serve unique events and require specialized shapes and sizes of tables, and at the same time need tables they can count on.  Plywood folding tables from EventStable answer that call.  


Plywood or Plastic?

When we speak to customers who are shopping for folding tables, the most common question they ask is "what is better - plywood or plastic?"  For someone starting a new event space or even a new rental company, that's a very good, and an important question.  If you ask 10 different event professionals you may get 10 different reasons why they prefer one or the other, so you have to weigh the individual characteristics and make the decision best for you.  One thing to consider (that makes a case for wood folding tables is the folding leg placement.  Plywood tables feature wishbone legs, which are designed for stability and to keep guests' knees from coming in contact with the table.  For more information to help you make an informed desision, please check out our Banquet Table Buyers Guide, or give us a call.  


Seating at a Plywood Folding Table

Another common question is about how many guests can be seated at a banquet table.  Regardless of leg placement, seating capacity does not differ between types of table, plywood or otherwise.  It all comes down to the width of the chairs, how much tableware is being used and generally the comfort of those at the table.  We always recommend that our customers buy plywood folding tables based on the minimum number of people seated at the table, because it is easier to add chairs at a later date than a few more tables.  For a comprehensive list of recommended seating at a table, please visit our buyers guide, or check out our blog post about picking table size by seating.