Consisting of steel bases, aluminum polls and fabric drapes, the easy setup requires no special skills. In minutes you will have a temporary structure that can be easily moved or taken down. Pipe and drape will transform any room. Use to create a more intimate space in a large room when hosting a small group or transform the ambiance of the space by aligning the walls with pipe and drape. Choose from a large selection of colors and textures to brighten up your event. We have clients all over the nation that use our pipe and drape. See below a detailed list of how our customers use their pipe and drape. Wedding Venues: use back drops behind a head table, cloth by the roll for ceiling swag, wedding canopy for ceremony decor Colleges or Schools: use back drops for sporting events, portable photo booth at class reunions, booth packages for special school functions Convention Centers: use back to back booth packages, or In-line booth packages to create eye catching booths at trade shows Caterers: use back drops to create private staging areas Wedding/Event Coordinators: use pipe and drape for decor; cloth by the roll for draping, ceiling swag, wedding canopy for ceremonies or to display the wedding cake under Photographers: use portable photo booth to add excitement at events or back drop for photo shoots Place of Worship: use a variance of pipe and drape for ceremonies and performances Businesses: use to brand their business by printing company logo on a backdrop or incorporate company colors where ever they are located. Press Conferences: use back drops for political speeches, post-game sports interviews, etc.