Tents & Canopies

EventStable carries a full selection Tent's and Canopy's guaranteed to satisfy the outdoor shelter needs of any event.

You'll find traditional Frame Tents known for their ability to withstand high winds and the convenience of stability without the need for center poles. These are an excellent choice for wedding tents allowing a wide open space for a stage and dance floor.

Shop our selection of Pole Tents where you will find high quality canopies that are typically larger than the traditional Frame Tent. These party tents are supported by center poles and stakes, which means they must be installed on dirt or grass surfaces.

Browse our selection of Cross Cable Tents also known as High Peak Tents. These event tents feature a central high peak tube supported by cross cables extending to each corner tube, which maximizes the usable space underneath.

Looking for a beach tent to provide shelter for your event on the sand? Look no further than our Quick Shelters. These versatile tents feature a lightweight single piece frame which makes pitching the party tent easier than ever, even at the beach!