Padded Folding Chairs - Seat Repair

Your resin folding chairs are a great investment. Easier to care for than wood folding chairs, resin chairs have the look and feel of wood without much of the maintenance. However, from time to time, these rental workhorses will need some attention. Here, we’ll discuss the easy task of replacing the seat vinyl, so you can avoid having to purchase new seats, or even new chairs.

So you rented out your new resin folding chairs and someone burned a hole in the seat or sliced through the vinyl. You can buy new chairs, or take a few minutes and replace the seat vinyl yourself.

Here’s what you’ll need:

- new vinyl

- diagonal pliers or needlenose pliers

- sharp scissors

- staple gun

- staples (1/4” will work fine)

Step 1: Pop out the seat, by pressing on the little tabs underneath.  With a little pressure, the padded vinyl seat will separate from the seat of the chair.
Step 2: Remove the staples from the corners of the seat using pliers.  We’ve found that diagonal pliers (pictured) work the best to remove staples.  Apply a little pulling pressure on the vinyl to help remove staples.
Step 3:  Pull off the vinyl from the corners, and then continue to remove from the rest of the seat.  If you remove all the staples now, you won’t have to worry about them when you staple on the new vinyl.
Step 4: Cut the new vinyl to size, using the old vinyl as a guide.  It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to get the size close as it will be easier to work with later.

Step 5: Now comes the fun part! Pull out those ¼” staples and your staple gun.  It doesn’t have to be a pneumatic stapler like the one pictured.  A hand-powered staple gun will work as well.  

*Either way, be sure to wear eye protection

Step 6: Locate the seat to your resin folding chair, and put it down on your freshly cut vinyl.  Don’t forget the foam padding in between the vinyl and seat.  Try to center everything the best you can.  
Step 7: Fold up the first edge of the vinyl, over the folding chair seat.  Staple in the center 2-3 times.  Then pull tight on the opposite side and staple again in the center.  Do this to the other two sides as well.  Watch those fingers!
Step 8: At the corners, pinch the material together to bring the vinyl flat against the seat.
Step 9: With the corners still pinched, staple the vinyl down flat, leaving the pinched material standing straight up.
Step 10: Now lay the material down flat over those staples, making a nice uniform corner. 
Step 11: Now staple that corner material down evenly with three staples. 
Step 12: Remove any excess material from the corners.
Step 13: Admire a job well done.  In just a few minutes, you've replaced the vinyl to make your resin folding chairs look like new.

We hope this helps.  If, however, this all seems like too much and you'd prefer to just buy new resin folding chairs, that's ok too.  Click here to see our resin folding chairs for sale