Metal Folding Chairs

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Metal Folding Chairs

Commercial folding metal chairs come in many different flavors, but for versatility and reliability in event centers or general assemblies, metal folding chairs from EventStable are sure to fit the bill. We offer basic steel folding chairs, as well as vinyl or fabric upholstered metal folding chairs, all built for rigorous commercial use at wholesale steel folding chair prices that only EventStable can offer!

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Metal Folding Chairs For Sale from

Metal folding chairs are prized by schools, conference centers, event halls, and many other venues due to their durable frames, comfortable design, and affordable price tag. Plus, metal chairs are incredibly easy to care for and maintain, making them a valuable asset to anyone looking at folding metal chairs for sale. You don’t need to rent out your metal folding chairs to make a profit, either; even if you plan on using them for personal or professional use, you’ll save money and time by investing in high-quality folding metal chairs from Event Stable. We’ve rounded up the best metal folding chairs wholesale customers can buy and also offer alternatives like metal Chiavari chairs and plastic folding chairs as well to give you the most options in the industry. Our years in the party rental business give us the expertise to guide you in your search for metal chairs and all other types of rental furniture that will make your shopping experience as smooth as possible. Shop our selection of metal folding chairs for sale today and see what a difference the industry experts at Event Stable make.

Fabric Padded Folding Chairs

From beige to burgundy and gray to cabernet, Event Stable’s selection of fabric padded metal folding chairs gives you plenty of options when you’re looking for budget-friendly metal folding chairs that come with some extra cushion. All of our padded fabric folding chairs are braced and hinged for easy folding and stacking, and we even offer extra-large wholesale folding chairs with an easy carry handle for quick transportation. If you’re looking for the best metal folding chairs for rent, look no further than our fabric padded folding chairs at Best of all, many orders qualify for shipping and/or quantity discounts, so if you need a large number of wholesale metal folding chairs, you stand to save even more.


Vinyl Padded Folding Chairs

Vinyl padded metal folding chairs come with the same high-quality guarantee as our fabric padded chairs, but come with a commercial-grade vinyl padded seat and back that’s perfect for daily use. Spills are easy to wipe up in seconds, making these folding chairs a favorite for schools, churches, and other community gathering areas. Many consumers also find themselves ordering a handful of vinyl padded folding chairs for personal use as well, which is a great option for those who find themselves entertaining on a regular basis or simply like to have extra seating options ready. When you need party-tested metal folding chairs, look no further than Event Stable.


Steel Folding Chairs

Available in four colors, Event Stable’s steel folding chairs are the ultimate choice for complete durability. These heavy-duty metal folding chairs are in it for the long haul, whether you’re using them for daily meetings or simply in your own home. When it comes to wholesale folding chairs, our steel folding chairs are designed to fold flat quickly and easily, making storage and transportation a snap. Their high-capacity weight limit makes them a versatile choice for lots of different uses, and our shipping and quantity discounts make Event Stable the #1 source for metal folding chairs anywhere. Come and see our commercial grade steel folding chairs to experience the Event Stable standard.


Folding Chair Carts

When you need to move your metal folding chairs from Point A to Point B, having a few folding chair carts on hand will make your life much easier. All of Event Stable’s folding chairs are designed to nest together snugly, but the average person can only move a few chairs at a time. With a folding chair dolly, you can easily move a large stack of folding chairs without wasting time or energy. We even offer a double tier cart to maximize your transportation efforts, as well as a folding chair and table cart for your furniture packages and metal folding chair parts.


Expert Guidance From Event Stable

Event Stable is the industry source of choice by party professionals when it comes to folding chairs in bulk. Whether you need bamboo folding chairs, wood folding chairs, resin folding chairs, or metal folding chairs, our inventory of party-ready furniture has years of proven quality behind it, making it easy for venues and rental companies alike to maximize their budget. When you need metal folding chairs cheap, but that will last for years, you can’t beat Event Stable’s wide selection that fits every size budget and business need. From white folding chairs for a wedding to padded metal chairs for schools, we’ve scoured the world for the best in the industry and want to pass on our expertise to you. Unless you “buy nice”, you’re liable to “buy twice”, so save time, money, and energy and let Event Stable help you find exactly what you’re looking for.