Metal Chiavari Chairs

What is so special about your aluminum chiavari chairs for sale? The biggest advantage these chairs offer over wood and resin chairs is the fact that they can stack 10 in a stack, as opposed to 7 chairs at the same height when using wood or resin. How is this? Because of the strength of the double-walled extruded aluminum tubing and solid 360 degree welds, we were able to remove the bottom level of rungs so the chairs "nest" closer together when stacked, allowing them to be stacked more chairs to a stack. This translates in up to 45% storage floor space savings when compared to traditional chiavari chairs.

What's more, our metal chiavari chairs are made from aluminum, a material that will never rust or corrode and weaken the chair. Consider this when comparing our chairs against a steel chiavari chair. The aluminum is electrostatically powder coated, a painting process that bonds with the metal and offers a superior durability - this means your maintenance schedule just opened up for other activities!

Finally, while our aluminum chairs are strong, they are also lightweight. A stack of 10 aluminum chairs is actually lighter than a stack of wood or resin chairs! Imagine how much quicker and easier it will be to set up your banquet hall with beautiful gold aluminum chiavari chairs, leaving extra time and energy for all that goes into planning the rest of the event!

You can probably tell we're pretty serious about our chairs. This comes from years of experience and plenty of satisfied customers. So don't hesitate, shop for your new chairs now and contact us with any questions.