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Folding tables are key items for party rental companies, event venues, and other event professionals to stock in their inventory. Even people who enjoy entertaining at home know the value and convenience of having a few plastic folding tables on hand. That’s why EventStable offers wholesale folding banquet tables for both personal and industry use at the best prices. Our wooden folding tables, as well as our rectangular plastic folding tables, come in a variety of sizes for you to choose from. We even offer folding bar tables and sets so all you need to do is unwrap the box and you're party ready. Whether you need a round wooden folding table for a catering event or folding tables and chairs for your backyard, EventStable is the #1 choice for folding banquet tables of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Browse our entire collection to find the perfect folding table (or tables) on sale for your business today.

When looking to buy folding banquet tables wholesale, quality is important. Quality tables will last longer and give you a better return on investment. That's why all our plywood folding tablesplastic folding tables, and cocktail tables have been Party Rental Proven in our own rental company. All the tables we sell are manufactured to meet commercial-grade specifications, and we stand behind each product.

You will find a complete lineup of commercial folding tables for sale at We specialize in folding tables for events, with a customer base of party rental companies, event venues, hotels, schools, and churches. Each type of company generally will buy commercial banquet tables for different applications. Many party rental companies prefer plywood folding banquet tables, because of a long expected lifespan and ease of maintenance over the long haul. A lot of churches prefer plastic folding tables, because they can be quickly wiped off, are lightweight and can be quickly put in storage.

Wood Folding Tables 

Wooden folding tables are prized for their durability, classic look, and longevity. Party rental companies and venues can own wood folding tables for years in a commercial capacity and get plenty of use out of them. However, not all folding tables are created equal.

It’s important to purchase your inventory of wood folding banquet tables from a reputable source to ensure maximum ROI, and that’s why EventStable’s wholesale folding banquet tables are the best in the business. Our wooden folding banquet tables are heavy-duty and engineered specifically to withstand daily use.

Plus, all of our rectangular wooden folding tables -- as well as our round wooden folding tables -- are eligible for free shipping on specific orders. Pick up a folding banquet table from EventStable and kiss flimsy round wooden banquet tables goodbye.

Plywood folding tables from EventStable are made from quality 3/4 plywood, with bullnose vinyl edging. These tables feature bolt-through leg assembly, meaning the table legs are attached to the tables with a bolt that goes through the tabletop, and is secured by a nut for a solid bond with the tables that is more secure than screws.

The flush-mount bolts are visible on the tabletop, but with a tablecloth over the table will be easily covered. The table legs have pvc feet glides that are friction-mounted within the thick-gauge steel legs, so you won't have to worry about marking up the floors.

Each banquet table is capable of holding well over 500 lbs, so have no fear of loading the table with catering supplies or chinaware again and again.

Plastic Folding Tables

Plastic folding tables give you even more options when it comes to what folding banquet tables you or your business needs.

Not only are EventStable’s plastic folding banquet tables available in more shapes and sizes than our wood wholesale folding banquet tables, they are also available as bi-fold folding tables and even adjustable height folding tables.

They’re light, durable, and affordable for every budget, making finding the perfect plastic folding table easy.

Available in a variety of shapes (rectangular plastic folding tables, round plastic folding tables, etc.) and colors (gray, brown, and white plastic folding tables), our collection of plastic folding tables has plenty of choices for everyone.

Shop for a single white folding table or hundreds of round plastic banquet tables at like time, like our free shipping bundles -- EventStable has you covered.

All of our our plastic folding tables feature commercial-grade blow-molded tabletops with rugged folding metal legs that fold in flush with the table, so the folded unit is 2'' thick or less. Strong but lightweight, and built for for easy transport and storage. Use them with tablecloths or without, you can't go wrong with wholesale plastic folding tables from EventStable

Carts for Tables

Particularly if you are running a hotel or a wedding venue, don't forget to buy carts for folding tables.

Round tables can be rolled for a quick set up (or onto a delivery truck), but rectangular banquet tables can be set up much faster and easier when they're moved 10 at a time on carts.

Another great solution for table storage you won't want to miss are our cocktail table carts. Each holds 10 tables, with all the poles, bases and tops and can be used for storage as well as transport.

If you're looking to combine your cart or dolly purchase with wooden or plastic folding tables, check out our Product Bundles featuring tables and carts of all shapes and sizes

Cocktail Tables 

Cocktail tables go by many names - high top tables, pub tables, pedestal tables, bar-height tables, etc. We carry these tables in both round and square, as well as with wood tabletops or plastic.

Our wood cocktail tables serve double-duty, because they come with 2 poles in each kit. Use one pole to quickly assemble a bar-height table, or the other pole to make a standard dining-height table for intimate dining or other special event use.

Folding high top tables are also increasingly becoming popular, due to the fact that they are easy to move around and once covered with a tablecloth or spandex cocktail table cover, they look the same as plywood tables.

If you’re looking to buy cocktail tables in bulk, don’t forget about a cocktail table cart to easily store and transport up to 10 high top tables at a time.

For additional savings and free shipping, be sure to check out our wholesale cocktail table packages, which include ten commercial cocktail tables, a cart, and delivered pricing.

Our folding cocktail tables all feature quantity pricing with quick and free shipping deals.

Folding Tables and Chairs Wholesale

Many of our business customers - party rental companies, event venues, hotels, churches and more - are trying to find folding tables and chairs for sale at the best possible price. Here at EventStable we’ve always tried to meet that demand with quantity-based price discounts.

We’ve now made it even easier to buy folding tables and chairs in bulk by offering a variety of folding chair and table bundle packages. We took our best-selling products and made pre-assembled packages that include automatic additional discounts, and free shipping!

Shop our folding table packages that include a cart, or even table and chair packages that bundle together popular quantities of each for easy purchasing.

Folding Tables Free Shipping

It’s easy to get free shipping on folding tables at EventStable. How? Order 10 or more of the same table and get free shipping. Or, combine several sizes and order $5000 or more of tables, chairs and carts for completely free shipping. Or as we mentioned before, buy a folding table bundle package and get free shipping and a discounted price.

When you need the best folding banquet tables in the business, there’s no better place to look than EventStable. We stand behind every one of our folding table options -- both wood folding tables as well as plastic -- to provide you with the highest-quality commercial-grade plastic folding banquet tables in the industry. From bi-fold folding tables for an outdoor event to white plastic folding tables perfect for a picnic, we can help you find exactly what you need and still stay within your budget.

Take a look at our wooden folding banquet tables for your hospitality venue or shop our table carts for your rental business -- no matter what you’re looking for, our event industry experts are standing by to assist. Give EventStable a call at 866-360-4642 to speak with us today.