Folding Chair Replacement Parts

As essential as folding chairs are to your party rental business or event venue, they basically become unusable as soon as there's damage or a foot cap goes missing. While some may provide this as an incentive to buy a whole new chair, EventStable offers Folding Chair Replacement Parts so you can quickly get back in the game without breaking the bank.  ...Read More

Folding Chair Replacement Parts are great to have on hand to extend the life of your folding chairs.We offer replacement parts for common wear and tear on folding chairs, for easy and affordable fixes and to keep rentals and venues looking pristine. 

Replacement Chair Parts for Sale

We offer seat cushion replacements for wood and resin folding chairs, bolt covers for resin folding chairs, as well as feet caps for plastic folding chairs.

In addition, we carry ganging clips to keep your rows centered during events! Keep replacement parts on hand for quick fixes to common issues after use.

We keep most pieces in stock for immediate shipment, and carry an array of colors to match your current inventory! 

Never worry about receiving your inventory back after a rental to find torn cushions and missing foot caps. Replacement pieces are all easy to use, and will have your folding chairs looking as good as new!

Free Shipping Deals on Folding Chair Replacement Parts

Most replacement parts can ship for free when purchased with a bulk order.

If you’re planning on placing a large order of chairs, add some replacement pieces onto the order for future repairs in a pinch!

Folding Chair Replacement Parts at

Folding chairs are a staple in most rental businesses, and can also be used in restaurants, schools, and other venues. When considering adding replacement parts onto an order of folding chairs, it’s important to keep in mind what kind of repairs you may need to make in the future.

All of our folding chairs at EventStable are made to be commercial grade and heavy duty, but there are still some common areas that can see wear and tear over time.

For example, if your chairs are going to be used around kids a lot, you might need replacement cushions as kids fidget and eventually pick at the corners of the seat.