Folding Chair Packages

When it's time to replenish that inventory or just get started with the help of EventStable, it's always a good idea to buy your folding chairs in bulk. Whether it's  ...Read More

plastic, wood, or resin folding chairs that you're seeking, EventStable offers money saving bundles on all that and more in quantities from 50 to 300!

Folding Chair Packages for Sale

Easily obtain all your indoor or outdoor wedding chairs with one click of the mouse.

School in need of folding chairs for graduations or a party rental company looking to celebrate the occasion amongst family and friends?

We offer our TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chair in quantities of 100, 200 and 300 accompanied by our folding chair dollies, all at a fraction of the price you would pay if you were buying each item individually.

Plastic folding chairs aren't the only discounted items we offer in bulk. Event venues and party rental companies alike should take notice of our TitanPRO™ Resin Folding Chair Bundles

Each bundle offers 50, 100 or 200 of our popular padded wedding chairs with the ever dependable folding chair dolly and ratchet straps included for extra transport security.

If plastic and resin aren't your speed and you want a chair with a little more warmth and familiarity for your guests, we offer our Wooden Folding Chairs for sale in large packages of 50, 100 and 200 with folding chair carts to push them around or easily store.

What good are party chairs without party tables? One of our most, if not the most, popular bundles we sell are the Outdoor Wedding bundle and Backyard Party Bundle - featuring you guessed it - our best wholesale party tables and chairs.

If the gathering is a little more intimdate and little we less formal, take a look at our brand new Card Table Set that includes our Titan Series Vinyl Padded Card Table with our durable Titan Series Metal Folding Chairs.



Free Shipping on all Bundle Packages Featuring Folding Chairs & Tables

We didn't mean to bury the lead here but the quite possibly the best part of our bundles besides the deep discounts with the wholesale pricing is that all of our bundles SHIP FREE!

It doesn't matter if it's the 5 piece card table set for game night or the 300 TitanPRO Plastic Folding Chair Bundle, if it has the free shipping icon on it(it does) then it ships free, no questions asked. 

if even deeper discounts are desired, esily submit a quote request through the website and one of our expert sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you. 

Folding Chair Packages Available at

When a 10 pack of folding chairs from Amazon just won't do, know we're always here to let you buy folding chairs in bulk from EventStable. It doesn't matter if it's plastic folding chairs for schools or padded resin chairs for an event venue, our folding chair bundles are offered in quantities from 50 all the way up to 300 with eye popping discounts already applied to our quantity pricing deals!

All of our folding chair bundles feature our commercial grade wood folding chairs, plastic folding chair, resin folding chairs and metal folding chairs. Each package allows you to choose the chair color and there's a size option for folding tables, as well as the choice to choose between plastic or wood banquet folding tables. 

Plastic Folding Chair Packages

Plastic folding chairs are some of the most commonly used rental items for party rental companies and event venues alike.

Anybody who has ever hosted a school graduation, backyard party or an outdoor wedding can attest to just how dynamic and useful it can be to have own Plastic Folding Chairs in bulk.

If you need to replenish your inventory or if you're a new venue or party rental company just starting out, you'll be hard pressed to find a better deal on better chairs than our TitanPRO™Plastic Folding Chair bundles for sale in quantities of 100, 200, and 300.

Each Bundle features our durable and dynamic Folding Chair Dolly. This commercial-grade dolly can be pushed or pulled on just about any surface and also serves a great storage mechanism when your chairs are not in use. 

Each cart can hold up to 50 plastic folding chairs and you also have the option to the include ratchet straps in your order to securely hold your poly chairs in place. 

Best of all, every single one of our Plastic Folding Chair bundles ship free!

Resin Folding Chair Packages

Much like our plastic folding chair and wood folding chair packages, our Resin Folding Chairs bundles are all accompanied by the folding chair dolly and ratchet straps for safe security in times of transport and storage.

The TitanPRO Resin Folding Chair that is featured in these bundles is by far our most popular folding chair for events, especially the bright white.

Each chair is built tough and built to last with it's UV resistant polypropylene frame and comfortable vinyl cushion for your guests to use time and time again for multiple seasons. 

Party rental companies, concert venues, wedding venues, wineries, and even private estates should take notice of our party packages featuring 50, 100, and 200 TitanPRO Resin Folding Chair with folding chair dolly bundle.

Aside from the discounts and free shipping, each customer who orders our Resin Folding Chairs in bulk will be receiving a 100% certified guarantee of satisfaction for kinds of events.

Wood Folding Chair Packages

The classic choice for special event seating because of their inherent warmth and versatility. Our Wood Folding Chairs are wedding venue ready, party rental approved and ready to be bought in bulk.

Padded wood folding chairs are made of commercial-grade, heavy duty beechwood and feature a comfortable vinyl padded seat. These wooden chairs are available in array of color options, from black or mahogany to Light Fruitwood, Natural or clean, classic White. 

With each folding chair dolly able to hold 25 wood folding chairs, we offer bundles of 50 chairs with 2 dollies, 100 chairs with 4 dollies and 200 chairs with 8 dollies.

Each bundle also features ratchet straps to safely secure your chairs to the cart.

Did we mention it ships free? Maybe we did, but it's worth sharing again because along with the rest of our folding chair bundles, they all ship free!

Folding Chairs and Tables Packages

What good are party folding chairs without party folding tables, right? Chairs are great for the ceremony but your guests and customers will need a place to put their food and drinks once the event kicks off. 

With that in mind, we offer bundles that include 100 and 200 of our TitanPRO™ Plastic Folding Chairs with 12 or 25 TitanPRO™ Plastic and Wood Folding Banquet Tables. You're party ready with one click of the mouse with some pretty discounts in the bag!

Plastic Folding Chairs might not be the ideal wedding chair so if you're looking for something a little more formal, we offer the same quantities as the plastic folding chair and table but with our popular Slatted Seat Resin Folding Chair instead.

Need a jump start on a backyard wedding or outdoor wedding? Our Resin Folding Chairs and Banquet Folding Table can do just that!