Event Center Owner?

 Our handpicked selection of chiavari chairs, cocktail tables, and banquet chairs are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of your bustling event center.

Built with durability and commercial-grade quality in mind, our furniture ensures that it looks just as good as it performs, and all of our tables and chairs curated for Event Centers are designed to either stack or fold for seamless storage and effortless mobility.

Elevate your event center to a new level of sophistication and practicality. 

Essential Equipment

Take your event center to the next level with our selection of Chiavari chairs, banquet chair, cocktail tables, and commercial-grade metal folding chairs. These attractive and durable options are ideal for creating an elegant and comfortable atmosphere for your clients. Our lightweight and dynamic furniture is designed for easy setup and breakdown, ensuring smooth and efficient event management. 

"Stepping Up Your Events: Vinyl vs. Laminate Dance Floors"

When choosing a temporary dance floor solution, two popular options emerge: vinyl and laminate. But which one is the right fit for your events?

Stand Out in Your Market

While mainstays like wooden and resin Chiavari Chairs offer timeless elegance, a modern alternative you might want to consider are Chameleon Chairs, Metal Stacking Chairs, and Portable Dance Floors. These stylish options provide a fresh take on classic seating and portable dance floors ensure there's never a dull moment at your event. 

How To Store Table Linens

Once you’ve added linens to your event arsenal, you may be unsure of how to properly store them. Well, we’ve got you “covered”. 

Product Bundles

Our Table and Chair packages are our most popular product for event center owners and include stacking chairs, wood folding chairs, folding tables, carts, dollies and straps at a discounted price with free shipping always included. All it takes is one click to save more on your favorite event equipment so you can spend less time shopping and more time celebrating.

Inventory 101

Explore our comprehensive blog posts designed to streamline your event planning process. Discover valuable insights on selecting and caring for linens, best arrangements for banquet tables, and essential equipment maintenance tips tailored to enhance and sustain your event center success.

Event Rental Pricing: The 3 Things Pros Should Know

We’ve laid out the 3 main points every event professional should know when it comes to event rental pricing.

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