Chiavari Chairs


Chiavari Chairs

Chiavari chairs are the pinnacle of fine event seating. Made famous by the Kennedy wedding and often referred to as Chivari or Tiffany chairs, this style of ballroom seating has become as quintessential element of an upscale event. So much so, in fact, that having chiavari chairs in your rental inventory or venue can become a critical element of a successful wedding or other special event.

EventStable offers a full variety of wood, resin and aluminum chiavari chairs for sale along with a great selection of cushion options. All of our wholesale chiavari chairs are commercial-grade quality and have been party rental tested to ensure years of use and a strong return on your investment. Most chairs are in stock for immediate shipment, so please shop our selection and call us today, your #1 event supply company for party tables and chairs.

All About Chiavari Chairs

It’s not only the elegant appeal of the chiavari style that has made these chairs so popular. Much as been written about the history of chiavari chairs (check out our blog post on the subject) so we won’t go into too much detail here. If you want to learn more about history, check out the wikipedia listing or for some visual inspiration as well as history, these folks have done a nice write-up: Glamour Drops

The other component adding to chiavari popularity comes from logistics. Chiavari chairs are easy chairs to own. They stack, which is critical for rental companies and venues alike. They can also be easily transported with a chiavari dolly, so they require no backbreaking labor to set up for an event.

Of course, we’ve put together some helpful information for anyone looking to buy chiavari chairs. Read our take on why everyone gets excited about chiavari chairs here. You may also want to discover the difference between wood and resin chiavari chairs, to know which way to go when building your inventory. As you shop around, do pay attention to common misspellings of the word, such as chivari chairs, chavari and chivalry chairs.

Material Options

You have three basic choices in materials when shopping for chiavari chairs: wood, resin and metal.

Wood chiavari chairs: We're confident that our wooden chiavaris for sale are the best quality for the best price you will find. Constructed from first-grade hardwood in the same factory for over a decade. Available in over a dozen colors, so you will find the perfect chair to compliment your venue, or add variety to your rental inventory. Wood chiavari chairs stack 7-9 high for transport and storage, and come with a free cushion.

Resin chiavari chairs: The most important thing to compare in resin chiavari chairs is whether or not the chairs are monoblock or have a steel frame. Steel frame chiavari chairs are a bit more expensive, but tend to have a better finish and also will hold up to the rigors of a commercial environment better than a pure resin chair. Our resin chiavari chairs are available in over 6 colors as well as crystal, or clear chiavari chairs. Resin chiavari chairs stack similarly to wood, at 7-9 chairs high depending on your needs.

Aluminum chiavari chairs: Aluminum chairs are great for upscale venues like hotels because of the elegant finish of the powder-coated aluminum. These chairs also work very well for party rental companies, because they stack closer together than resin or wood chiavari chairs, saving precious warehouse space. Aluminum chiavari chairs are currently available in 5 colors, including silver chiavari chairs and gold chiavari chairs, and include a free cushion.


Don’t Forget the Accessories

Don't forget about accessories specifically for chiavari chairs, like chiavari chair cushions. Each chiavari purchase comes with a 2'' soft box cushion with velcro straps. However, we have additional colors available as well as wood-backed chiavari cushion upgrades, which make cleaning and storage much easier. Compatible with the wood-paneled cushions are our spandex chiavari cushion covers, to make changing colors and general set up and tear down a breeze.

And please do not forget about protective chiavari chair covers, to ensure a greater return on your investment by protecting the chairs when stacked or transported. Speaking of transporting the chairs, you'll certainly want to add one of our chiavari chair dollies to your order.

Free Shipping Deals

One big consideration when buying chiavari chairs is shipping. Though some of our customers are close enough to pick up their orders at one of our warehouses, odds are your order will have to be shipped. (You may want help figuring out how much space will my chiavari chairs take up?) We’ve taken the pain out of shipping by offering some pretty amazing chiavari chairs with free shipping deals. Buy Chiavari Chairs in bulk!

30+ Wood chiavari chairs ship free
25+ Resin Chiavari Chairs ship free
25+ Aluminum Chiavari chairs ship free
20+ Chiavari Bar Stools ship free

If you’re also in the market for folding banquet tables, don’t forget to check out our Chiavari Chair Packages, some of which include tables and carts, as well as protective covers and dollies. And of course, all of our bundle packages ship free. If chiavari chairs and tables for sale is what you seek, look no further than EventStable, your #1 source for all things event furniture and accesories at a wholesale price


Expert Help at EventStable

Still having a hard time deciding which kind of chiavari chair to get? Well, we want to help. A lot depends on the application. What do you need these chairs for? To rent them out all over town or keep them in-house at your hotel or wedding venue? Wood chairs are less expensive, but aren't necessarily as resilient as resin chiavari chairs or aluminum chiavari chairs. So if you're going to be piling stacks of chairs on a box truck delivering them every weekend, maybe you should consider resin chairs. Or if space is a big concern, consider the aluminum chiavari chairs, which stack closer together and save big floor space. Also be thinking about your end user. The bride. The event coordinator. The guests. Perhaps they would prefer the natural warmth of a real wood chiavari chair. Or maybe your hotel would look great with metal chairs. (Check out our blog for tips on where to buy chiavari chairs wholesale.)

No matter what you need, we’re experts on all things chiavari here at EventStable, so please don’t hesitate to give a call or get a quote today.