Why We Love Fruitwood Folding Chairs (And You Will Too)

Why We Love Fruitwood Folding Chairs (And You Will Too)
By Connor Rusinko
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Why We Love Fruitwood Folding Chairs (And You Will Too)

It’s safe to say every wedding has a theme and every wedding has its own story. A novel comprised of equal parts bride and groom, advancing chapter by chapter through the anthology of their collective lives together.

Every piece of the bride and groom is shared throughout the day. From what wedding chairs they choose for the ceremony to what color table linens are used during dinner.

photo by Ali + Julie

There’s a rhyme or reason for every decision, like deciding when “Shout” will be played or how many times you’ll allow the groomsmen to request “Return of the Mack”(the answer is probably zero but should be infinite).

At EventStable we recognize the unique personalities and stories of all of our employees and today we’re fortunate enough to share a little wedding day tale from our very own marketing and graphic design specialist, Larah (sounds like Sarah but with a L. Coincidentally we also have a Sarah who works here but that’s pronounced like Sarah with an S. Look for next week's blog on words that sound different than they appear.) Larah eloquently explains why she chose the chairs that she did from EventStable:

“Our wedding ceremony and reception took place on a local farm with lots of trees and rolling hills.

I chose the fruitwood folding chair for our ceremony chairs because I felt like they really fit in with the feel of our day.

When guests arrived, I wanted them to feel welcome and comfortable. The fruitwood folding chairs provide a natural warmth and elegance that truly complimented our homemade arch, lavender and other dried wildflowers that were a part of our day.

I think what makes the wood folding chair so classic and versatile is that they're made of real wood and their stain is a beautiful rich dark color.

Any venue or party rental company would benefit from having them as a chair option for brides.”

Larah + John

Real wood and natural warmth. Welcoming, classic and versatile. When it comes to our fruitwood folding chairs, these are just some of the traits you’ll depend on as if they’re crab cakes and football in Maryland.


photo via customer Waller Ranch

By now you already know Wood Folding Chairs are great for weddings and graduations. They are a beautiful ceremony chair that fits in seamlessly at any reception while also offering a rustic warmth to any indoor event venue.

That’s great and all but how about outdoor events? Wood folding chairs are also commonly used as an alternative seating option for more casual affairs like a backyard patio or an outdoor bistro

You’ll feel like you’ve had a relationship with these chairs for years before even opening the box. Wood folding chairs, and fruitwood folding chairs in particular, give off a familiarity and feeling of kinship that resin folding chairs are simply not capable of replicating.

Sure, resin folding chairs might be more durable over time but a bride doesn’t care about your long term investment plans. You’re either capable of delivering what she wants for her dream day or you’re not. It’d be wise to add more value to your venue inventory or party rental company by always having a wood folding chair option.


Speaking of value, all of our wholesale wood folding chairs ship free with you buy 50 or more!


Simply put, our wood folding chairs are easy going with a splash of graceful sophistication like Matthew McConaughey. Dress them up, dress them down, clink glasses of champagne with the newlyweds or crack open a few cold ones while you reminisce about the 2000 state championship at Medway High School. Everything feels alright, alright, alright where there are padded wood folding chairs, no matter the occasion.


photo via customer Mahaiwe Tent

I’m glad you asked, voice from the future, and the answer is yes! The following Wood Folding Chairs color options we sell at EventStable are as follows:

  • Black
  • Fruitwood
  • Mahogany
  • White
  • Natural w/ Ivory Pad
  • Natural w/ White Pad


  • Please note: Natural chairs are coated with a polyurethane topcoat, which makes them very easy to maintain over years of use.

photo via customer Chapel Creek Ranch

So there you have it. Hopefully you gained a little insight into why we love wood folding chairs and why an actual, real bride picked them to be part of a day she’ll cherish for the rest of her life.


Don’t forget the accessories!  Protective chair covers will go a long way in preserving the quality of the chairs. when stacked and our folding chair dolly makes it that much easier to transport and store your wood folding chairs.

Connor Rusinko is a web developer/SEO specialist for EventStable.com and the Boston Red Sox are 2018 World Series Champions.

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August 23, 2019