Why Photography is Important for Your Party Rental Company or Venue

Why Photography is Important for Your Party Rental Company or Venue
By Larah Winn
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Why Photography is Important for Your Party Rental Company or Venue

If you’re a party rental company or event venue, you more than likely (should!) have a website, a Facebook page and an Instagram account where customers can find and interact with you.

If you have all or just one of those listed, have you ever thought about what they communicate about your company from visual perspective?

Let’s pretend you are a newly engaged couple just beginning to search for a wedding venue and/ or rentals. It’s 2020 so they are a technologically savvy couple who does most of their wedding research ONLINE, right?

Anyway, let’s say they are referred to your business by a close family friend. Awesome! They look up your website and social media pages and they come across photos like this:

Kinda nice, kinda not. It’s dark, it’s blurry. How are they supposed to SEE the product or venue you have to offer? They don’t.

Instead they google another local business and come across consistent photos that look like this:Customer The Clay Theatre                                                           Customer The Clay Theatre

Who would you go with? Despite the referral, the couple chooses the company with quality photos because those photos communicate quality product, quality business and quality service. All from just taking a little bit more time and making a little more of an effort with a quality photo.

First Impressions Matter!

Good Photography Grabs the Attention of Customers (the customers you want!)

No matter how great your product or the service that you offer is, without high quality imagery that communicates, potential customers are more likely to ignore the product.


Good Photography Establishes Your Brand

Are you a bright, light and airy barn venue? A high-end party rental company? Your photos should communicate that. The more they do, the more potential customers can get a sense of what your business and brand is all about. Consistency is key.


Good Photography Evokes Emotions, Encourages Action and Drives Sales

Quality photos have a way of influencing a potential customer’s emotional response – a positive one for that matter. Strong images usually help customers picture themselves using the product or experiencing the service you offer. This is what motivates them to purchase the products or services.

Good photography shouldn’t be an afterthought for your party rental company or event venue, it should be front and center.

Be intentional with how you visually communicate your business and invest in quality photography that will result in positive return on investment.

We’ll leave you with an awesome customer photo for inspiration:

February 2, 2020