Why Should You Choose Resin?

Why Should You Choose Resin?
By Brenda Mejia
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Why Should You Choose Resin?

What the heck is resin anyway? Aren’t resin and plastic the same thing? Not so fast, Grandpa Moses.

This is something we get asked every day and I’ve had to do some research to know exactly how to answer this question.

Now, If you’ve come here for a science lesson, you’ve come to the wrong place. But if you’d like to settle down and talk mano a mano to find out why you should choose our resin products, then I’m your gal!

So, What Exactly is Resin?

Ok, I lied, will give you just a little bit of science to start this off. So, what’s the difference between resin and plastic? I won’t make this too complicated because as I stated before, I’m no scientist, and if I was, I probably wouldn’t be selling chairs for a living.

Well, resins are plant derived solid or semi-solid amorphous compounds (this is the very science(y) part that I won’t get into.)

Plastic is a form of synthetic resin, so essentially recycled resin. Would you rather order a burrito off the menu or something called a "recycled burrito"? You don't even know what that means! I don't even know what that means! The burrito chef doesn't either! No thanks on the recycled bit, give me the real deal resin.

Why You Should Purchase Resin Chairs from EventStable

Let’s start with folding chairs. Let’s face it, plastic folding chairs will always be your bread and butter.

If you want to add a chair that’s going to give you a little something extra and will be perfect for almost any setting, then you should consider our resin folding chair, or more commonly known as the garden chair.

I see this chair everywhere on Instagram and for good reason. Not only do they have an aesthetically pleasing look, our resin folding chairs have a weight capacity of over 1000 lbs and they stack like a dream making setting up and storage a breeze!

These folding chairs are perfect for any event, from your best friend’s wedding to your niece’s 8th birthday party.

Resin Chairs for Formal Events

If you are looking for that timeless elegant look, and are considering a Chiavari chair, you may be stuck between wood or resin.

I can’t argue with the fact that the look and feel of a warm wooden Chiavari chair cannot be beat.

However, it comes to enduring all of the inevitable craziness that comes along with a wedding, the resin Chiavari is the way to go!

Our Resin Chiavari Chairs have a steel frame for maximum stability. While wooden chairs are a timeless classic, just like cold November rain, they don’t last forever, baby.

Now that's not to sit here and guarantee that resin will last for generations upon generations, but it sure will last you a heck of a lot longer and that cannot be understated!

If you're still not convinced then I urge you to do more research. Research anything and absolutely everything before investing, whether you're interesting in buying a new TV or 100 Ghost Chairs. 

When you're ready to order and just have a question you need answering, give the experets here at EventStable a call and we'll be more than happy to help you!

February 18, 2020