Where To Buy White Folding Chairs

Where To Buy White Folding Chairs
By Connor Rusinko
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Where To Buy White Folding Chairs

Anybody with a pulse knows two certainties in life are death and taxes(or your too slick uncle cooking the books on his).

Those in the party rental and event venue industry will tell you there's a third, automatic, no doubt, certainty: White Folding Chairs.

Wether you're replenishing inventory or building up to your company debut - commercial grade white folding chairs are the gift that keeps on giving. 

Weddings, graduations, anniversary parties, and virtually all formal events are just a few of projects where customers are going to request white folding chairs.

It's going to require some smart shopping on your end to make sure you end up on top. Luckily, we here at EventStable always have your back and we'll tell you where to buy the best wholesale white folding chairs - plastic, wood, and resin.

White Wood Folding Chairs 

Big box stores like Walmart have just about everything a modern man or woman could need. 

Yes, you might need to call Joe Exotic and the boys down at GW ranch if you're in need of a bengal for your next party but everything else? Costco and target might be able to take care of it. 

a one stop shop for all your party planner needs? Sounds too good to be true? That's because it is. 

We won't stop you from trying your luck. Upon a quick google search of "white folding chairs walmart" or "white folding chairs target", they both have stock of residential wood folding chairs, like bamboo or the common patio style. 

Both of those chairs are great additions to the lake house in Skaneateles but not what you had in mind for the 120 person wedding that's two months away, followed by a quick 24 hour turn around to set up a graduation party the following day. 

What you're looking for is the classic, special event seating option that is the white wooden folding chair, or "garden chair" as they're commonly known.

On top of that, you're looking to buy wholesale folding chairs at a wholesale price, and from a company that sells, stocks and ships their own products with their own name and rock solid reputation all over it. 

That's where EventStable comes in. 

EventStable has improved on the style by using a higher thickness frame and bolt-through assembly at the hinge. 

These chairs are available as a standalone item (featuring quantity discounts for those purchasing in bulk) or as part of a bundled package. 

Bundle packages from EventStable are pre-discounted and include straps and dollies for turnkey seating. 

White Resin Folding Chairs

Should we skip the whole spiel from the previous block where I walk you down the road of how practical it seems to buy all your folding chairs with house hold appliances in one spot, only to the pull the rug out from you and say "NO, BAD! Don't fall for the always waving Wayne at the front of store!"

For party rental companies and event venues alike, resin folding chairs might be the more practical option(less maintenance, less cost).

Most of your guests probably won't know the difference between wood or resin folding chairs upon first glance, especially if they're white.

In fact, you probably won't be able to even purchase the padded resin folding chair that you know and love from most of the big chain stores. 

Similar to the wood folding chairs, if they do sell them, it's not their product and they're just dropshipping it from a supplier.

Cut out the middle man.

When you purchase white resin folding chairs from EventStable, we're with you every step of the way.

We're not sending purchase orders to our supplier and waiting on them to relay the tracking number to us to then send off to you. 

Your order goes to the top of the pile and as soon as our shipping team safely secures it to the pallet and slaps the label on it, it's out the door and on the way to you.

And to top it all off, when you buy any of our white folding chairs in bulk from EventStable, your order ships free on 50 or more!

White Plastic Folding Chairs

Unlike the white wood folding chairs and resin folding chairs where it's slim pickings out there from Walmart, Costco, Home Depot, etc.

The same cannot be said about plastic folding chairs, especially the ever popular White Plastic Folding Chairs.

The reason for that is probably plastic folding chairs are bought for residential use much more than the typical garden chair. 

I'm the last guy that should sit here and preach against the pitfalls of buying from these stores. I think Amazon Prime is the single greatest implementation in our modern history and I'm a target red card member(do not be like college me in 2012 and open an account just to buy the new Xbox).

If you need a phone charger or a canvas picture of a bear for your basement, head on over the bullseye.

And if you're holding a tag sale over the weekend and just need 3 or 4 folding chairs in a pinch, Home Depot is your best friend. Don't skip out on the Snickers in the checkout

But this isn't just a weekend party you're hosting over memorial day weekend with your pals, is it? You're a hard working party rental company and while you love fun, you also love a profit.

What we're talking about is commercial seating, and that means buying folding chairs in bulk.

We offer free shipping on all of our bundle packages featuring 100, 200, and 300 plastic folding chairs with dollies and other bundles to be paired with our top quality TitanPRO wood and plastic folding tables.

That's just simply not something that your typical big box stores or even our fellow competitors will do.

We make sure that all the chairs we sell are commercial quality and intended for professional use. That means all of our chairs. Go ahead and name it and imagine us telling you, "yup, that too!"

Folding chairs are our bread and butter.   

The EventStable team has years of experience in party rental, catering, and event equipment sales and we understand the grind and time and the cost it takes to keep going.  

If you need a couple white folding chairs for a weekend party? Head to Home Depot or Lowes or any of those types of stores. 

If you're looking to buy in bulk and want to negotiate a price and get a quote before purchasing? EventStable is here for all of that. 

It's you who will benefit from our experience, and more from our desire to get the right product in your hands, when you need it.  We'll show you why our customers love us and keep coming back.

Author: Connor Rusinko

Connor is the E-commerce specialist and analyst at EventStable. He resides in West Hartford, Connecticut with many leather bound books that make his apartment smell of rich mahogany. You can find him in a local 30+ men's league still hanging on that dream of making it to the NBA

April 2, 2020