Where to Buy Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

Where to Buy Cross Back Chairs Wholesale
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Where to Buy Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

Many of our customers have gone through a lot of searching before finding our company, when they are trying to find where to buy cross back chairs wholesale.  Cross back chairs have become the hottest trend in wedding chairs, but buying them in bulk can still prove to be difficult.

Luckily, EventStable is here to help.  We'll tell you who needs to buy cross back chairs, a few places you can look for them, what to avoid, and finally where to actually buy your cross back chairs.

Who Needs To Buy Cross Back Chairs

I'd like to introduce you to Candace.  She owns a beautiful old barn that she's converted into a wedding venue.  Candace is smart, and quickly learned that by offering tables and chairs to her brides, it makes her venue a lot more value than a similar venue that requires brides to rent.

Candace also wants to make sure she's keeping up with her clients demands.  And one thing brides are asking for these days is the X-back chair.  Rustic-chic weddings are in, and few things help define the theme of a wedding more than the chairs.

So, Candace decides to buy cross back chairs.  After all, she's an event pro, a venue owner.  She realizes that party rental companies also need to buy cross back chairs.  However, she knows that by owning them herself, it's one less thing her clients need to rent, which is a key consideration for any bride.  And since all the brides are looking for cross back chairs, she'll be able to offer just what her clients need.

Some companies have been selling cross back chairs online for a long time now.  Many of them, in fact, are fantastic places to buy from.  When Candace started looking for her chairs, she looked at:

  • Pottery Barn - well known for beautiful furniture.  Buy online or in stores.
  • Wayfair - the recent explosion in size for this company can mean a great selection.
  • Overstock - another large online store with a wide selection of dining furniture
Source: Overstock.com

These stores are great for quality dining furniture, however, not all these places make sense to buy cross back chairs wholesale.  Why?  A lot of it comes down to price and packaging.  Many cross back chair manufacturers box their chairs 2-to-a-box.  This increases the cost to a retail level.  Candace may have been willing to pay $250 for a pair of cross back chairs for her house, but she certainly didn't want to pay that much for over 200 chairs.

One of the most important aspects of running a party rental company, or even an event venue is managing storage space.  The fastest way to eat up a bunch of storage space is to buy chairs that don't stack.  Many of the cross back chairs on the market have an extension of the cross back piece, that wraps around the back legs and attaches to the seat.  This little extension looks great, but keeps the chairs from stacking.  Here's an example:

Keep an eye out for this if you want your chairs to stack. Source: Wayfair.com

Stacking chairs aren't just a luxury, they're a necessity as inventory grows.  Even for hotels or event venues, you'll want your chairs to stack so you can move them faster for banquet set ups and tear downs.

Look for chairs with a cutout in the seat, that lets the legs from the chair on top slide around the seat of the bottom chair.  Like this:

So Tell Me, Where to Buy Cross Back Chairs Wholesale

To really get wholesale pricing on cross back chairs, you have to look for a wholesale supplier specific to event equipment.  Candace was happy she found EventStable.com.  As a wholesaler specifically supplying the special event market, with over a dozen different colors and materials of cross back chairs to choose from with more to come, she found just what she needed for her barn venue.

Shop for your new cross back chairs today.

September 3, 2019