Where to Buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale(And How To Safely Unwrap Them)

Where to Buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale(And How To Safely Unwrap Them)
By Connor Rusinko
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Where to Buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale(And How To Safely Unwrap Them)

Rollin' back prices on Chiavari Chairs!

Party rental companies and event venues such as hotels or private wedding facilities often make the decision to maintain an inventory of chiavari chairs.  Many rental companies started out with folding chairs and want a seating option with a faster return on investment, or event venues want to add value to their facility by offering an attractive chair that is included with the site fee.  Either way, these companies needed to find where to buy chiavari chairs wholesale, because retail just doesn't cut it.

I don't even know a place to buy chiavaris retail.  I had to photoshop the picture above, because you certainly can't walk into a Walmart and pick up a chiavari chair, let alone a couple hundred.

What I do know is that rental companies and event venues buy chiavari chairs in bulk.  So what's the point?  I'm hoping that this post will help you to identify the right wholesale suppliers to buy chiavari chairs, with some things for new buyers to watch out for, and of course, a few dynamite reasons to buy from EventStable.com.

Gold chiavari chairs never seem to lose popularity. Found on houstonweddingblog.com

Who Needs To Buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale?

The short answer is: almost everyone (who needs to buy chiavari chairs that is).  Although some people do like the look of chiavari chairs for their home or office, most of our customers are serious business buyers, like party rental companies, hotels, or event venues.  These companies buy chiavari chairs because they're still wildly popular and requested by brides and event planners all over the country.

A party rental company can buy chiavari chairs for under $40 per chair and in many parts of the country, rent the chair for $8 each.  That company gets a return on its investment in 5 rentals, which is a busy month.  Each rental after that is making money, baby.  And because of the undying popularity of chiavari chairs, they're renting chairs often.

Event venues have just as much incentive to buy chiavari chairs.  Brides love finding a venue that has furniture included - it's one less thing they have to worry about when planning their wedding.  Many venues either have cheap plastic chairs, old beaten up banquet chairs or nothing at all.  Venues that have chiavari chairs as part of the package are instantly more appealing.

Be careful ordering from overseas or you might end up with a container of chiavari chairs that look like this!

Searching For A Wholesale Supplier

Doing an internet search will return plenty of results for what Google thinks you need when trying to find a source for chiavari chairs.  One of them is Alibaba.  For those of you who don't know, Alibaba is a global marketplace that attempts to connect buyers with sellers (generally Chinese factories or trading companies).  Alibaba can be a great resource for someone who has worked with Chinese factories in the past, has a quality control team overseas and can buy full container loads of chairs.

However, the problem with this is that many companies cannot buy entire container loads, and even if they can, they cannot tolerate the risk that goes with it.  You may not get the color you were promised or you may get second-rate product.

Not to mention, what happens the next time when you only need 100 chairs?  Sourcing that quantity from overseas just doesn't make sense, and there is a very small chance that you'll get matching chairs from a domestic supplier.

Mahogany chiavari chairs around some pretty cool custom tabletops. Found on brides.com

A Few Tips For Finding A Great Event Equipment Supplier

To make sure you don't get burned on sub-par quality chairs, look for a company that is based in the U.S.  But even then, do your homework.  Just because a guy on the phone tells you that his company is great and has a ton of satisfied customers and is selling chiavari chairs for $29 a piece, that doesn't mean you're in the clear yet.  Check out online reviews of the company.  Is the company rated with the Better Business Bureau?  No?  Then move on.

Another valuable criterion when choosing a chiavari chair supplier is selection.  I personally have owned a party rental company and can tell you, a "one stop shop", for lack of a better phrase, is super convenient.  Odds are that if you need to buy chiavari chairs wholesale you're going to need banquet tables, or a dance floor, or whatever.  If you've found a great supplier for chiavari chairs who also sells other event equipment your has just become easier because you know who you're buying from, and trust that you'll get what you need when you need it.

Now That You've Decided To Buy Chiavari Chairs Wholesale From EventStable.com...

Is that a little presumptuous?  Here are a few reasons I feel you should consider us to buy chiavari chairs, as well as all your other event equipment:

  1. Price.  On most of our chairs, including chiavari chairs, we've set up quantity-based pricing to give a wholesale price at higher quantities.  So, at 200 or more chairs you get a great, delivered price.  Need more than that?  Get a quote.  (more on that below)
  2. Selection.  We've put a lot of effort into building our product selection with quality event equipment from  great manufacturers.  As I mentioned above, it can be difficult to find a supplier you love working with.  Wouldn't it be great if you could buy items from multiple categories for your event business, with a single phone call or on a single website?
  3. A great company to work with.  Our goal is to be a great company to work from the first time you visit our website to your first delivery to years from now when we've earned your trust and repeat business.  We'll do what it takes to continue earning your business.

How To Get The Best Price On Chiavari Chairs

Price is important.  A low price on chiavari chairs means a faster return on investment, which of course means more money early on.  I learned in the rental business though, that I don't make sacrifices on quality to save a buck.  A quality product will last longer, and look better longer, giving you a better overall return than a cheaper product.

To get the best price, we encourage you to get a quote.  Just navigate the page of the product you need, and click "add to quote".  You'll then have the opportunity to view the quote page, or continue shopping for more products to add to your quote.  When you're done, submit your quote and our team will promptly review it.  We'll send it back to you quickly, with the best price and a link to complete your purchase.  Learn more about how to get a quote, here.


Unwrapping Your New Shipment

While having been on the wholesale side prepared me for the amount of space the chairs would take up, I was not ready for the considerable undertaking that is unwrapping a large shipment of chiavari chairs.

I shipped up my new chairs about two weeks before first booked event for 200 people.  They sat in the warehouse, in boxes, for most of the next two weeks.  I didn't start un-boxing and unwrapping the chairs soon enough.  I was one in a two man team at the time, armed with two utility knives and some music from the 60's in the background.

We attacked the task of unwrapping chairs with the same ferocity that anyone would.   I may have been a little more careful than my helper, but we managed to get them all ready for rental.

In the process, there were about 25 sliced chairs and one sliced knuckle.

What did we do wrong?  We were using utility blades instead of hook blades.

Each rung is wrapped with tape all the way around. Doing this protects the chair during shipping, but it difficult to unwrap.

The problem with using a utility blade to unwrap chiavari chairs is that there's too much opportunity to slice into the finish of the chair, particularly in the rungs and areas where they wrap 360° around the chair frame. The knife will go right through the foam paper (PU film) and into the chair.

With a hook blade, just slide under the tape in cut it safely.

Solve this problem and unwrap the chairs much more quickly by using hook blades.  the sharp edge is on the inside, and the thin foam gives you just enough of a margin to slide the blade in underneath the tape to easily slice it without slicing the chair.

Shaped like an eagle talon, you'll appreciate the design as you unwrap the first chair.


You can get hook blades at just about any hardware store.  They fit right into the utility blade holder you already own, so it's a very small investment that will pay off big when you get your chiavari chairs and start unwrapping them.

August 28, 2019